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Today’s flash giveaway: The Star Wars Vault

Here in New York City, where the Harper Voyager office is located, it’s dark, dreary, and rainy. So we’re going to brighten things up with a FLASH giveaway! 

You have the chance to win a copy of the The Star Wars Vault – the official illustrated book celebrating George Lucas’ first Star Wars movie, with never-before-seen flat and removable reproductions of memorabilia, plus a CD with sound effects, early radio ads, and original promotions! Plus the book is kept in a great slipcover, so you can keep it in pristine condition. This fantastic book is authored by Steve Sansweet, Star Wars collector and writer and head of Lucasfilm’s fan relations.

The contest runs from 3 p.m. EST to 4 p.m. EST today only! Enter to win by leaving a comment below. Winners will be picked at random and contacted directly. Open to US only.

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Kim Harrison reveals title and publication date for final Hollows book

Attention all Hollows fans! Kim Harrison has posted a title reveal, as well as the publication date for the final Hollows book!

THE WITCH WITH NO NAME, the 13th and last installment of the New York Times bestselling series, will publish on September 9, 2014! That’s right – you only have to wait five months until you can be back in the world of Rachel Morgan one more time.

To celebrate this announcement, the following event is happening over at Goodreads: If we can get 3,000 people to put THE WITCH WITH NO NAME  on their “To Read” shelf before we release the full cover on April 28, than Kim will release Chapter One right along with it! If we get 5,000 people to put it on their “To Read” shelf, she will release two chapters. Make sure you add it to your list! 

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Flash giveaway: THE LADY & HER MONSTERS

Calling all Frankenstein enthusiasts! We’re having a very special mid-week FLASH giveaway, and four lucky winners will get a copy of the truly macabre and historically fascinating THE LADY AND HER MONSTERS. Good luck!

The Lady and Her Monsters by Roseanne Motillo brings to life the fascinating times, startling science, and real-life horrors behind Mary Shelley’s gothic masterpiece,Frankenstein. Montillo recounts how—at the intersection of the Romantic Age and the Industrial Revolution—Shelley’s Victor Frankenstein was inspired by actual scientists of the period: curious and daring iconoclasts who were obsessed with the inner workings of the human body and how it might be reanimated after death. With true-life tales of grave robbers, ghoulish experiments, and the ultimate in macabre research—human reanimation—The Lady and Her Monsters is a brilliant exploration of the creation of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s horror classic.

This is a flash giveaway, so the contest runs from 3 p.m. ET to 4 p.m. ET today only! Enter to win by leaving a comment below. Winners will be picked at random and contacted directly. Open to US only.

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Richard Kadrey’s DEAD SET ebook just $1.99

Acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Richard Kadrey creates a wonderful, stand-alone dark fantasy, DEAD SET. Now you can get the ebook for just $1.99 across all e-reader platforms, now through April 14!

After her father’s funeral, Zoe moved to the big city with her mother to start over. But change always brings trials, and life in the city is not so easy. Money is tight, and Zoe’s only escape, as has always been the case, is in her dreams—a world apart from her troubled real life where she can spend time with her closest companion: her lost brother, Valentine.

But something or someone has entered their dreamworld uninvited. And a chance encounter at a used record store, where the vinyl holds not music but lost souls, has opened up a portal to the world of the restless dead. It’s here that the shop’s strange proprietor offers Zoe the chance to commune with her dead father. The price? A lock of hair. Then a tooth. Then . . .

Get your copy of DEAD SET now through these links:

Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook



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Terry Pratchett’s TURTLE RECALL: The Discworld Companion… So Far

The fully-updated guidebook to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld® is finally here!

On sale now, TURTLE RECALL: The Discworld Companion…So Far is the ultimate authority on the entire Discworld canon (…so far), including Snuff, as well as numerous Discworld-related books and short stories. In addition to covering the full Disc, this guidebook also includes:

-          An interview with Sir Terry Pratchett

-          Official rules for the Discworld card game, “Cripple Mr. Onion”

-          A guide to Discworld locals from Ankh-Morpork to Zemphis

-          Fun facts about fan mail and the Klatchian language

-          How to tell Achmed the Mad from Jack Zweiblumen, and the Agatean Empire from the Zoons

-          And much, much more!

For more details, visit www.terrypratchettbooks.com or follow @terryandrob on Twitter.

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Win a galley copy of MEMORY OF WATER

It’s Friday, and you know what that means – it’s time for another giveaway! This week we’re featuring a Voyager debut, THE MEMORY OF WATER by Emmi Itäranta, an amazing, award-winning speculative fiction novel by a major new talent, in the vein of Ursula K. Le Guin. The book publishes on June 10.

Global warming has changed the world’s geography and its politics. Wars are waged over water, and China rules Europe, including the Scandinavian Union, which is occupied by the power state of New Qian. In this far north place, seventeen-year-old Noria Kaitio is learning to become a tea master like her father, a position that holds great responsibility and great secrets. Tea masters alone know the location of hidden water sources, including the natural spring that Noria’s father tends, which once provided water for her whole village. But secrets do not stay hidden forever, and after her father’s death the army starts watching their town—and Noria. And as water becomes even scarcer, Noria must choose between safety and striking out, between knowledge and kinship.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below, or RT us on Twitter: @HarperVoyagerUS! The giveaway ends today at 7 p.m. ET. Good luck! The winners will be selected at random and contacted directly.

Open to US only.

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COVENANT by Sabrina Benulis

Out today in paperback and ebook!

The haunting gothic tale started in Archon continues!

Once through the dark door, there is no turning back. . . .

A year ago, Angela Mathers, a talented artist with a tortured soul, enrolled at the Westwood Academy and encountered the angels who haunted her dreams. Then she discovered the dark truth: she is the Archon, a being of supreme power who will determine the fate of the universe. But with such power comes great danger, and for every force seeking to aid Angela there is another burning to stop her. After a scheming demon kidnaps the Book of Raziel—personified by Angela’s friend Sophia—Angela must find her way through a nightmarish game and enter the Door to Hell to rescue her only friend before it is too late.

The haunting gothic tale started in Archon continues with Covenant—a mesmerizing work of the paranormal in which a young woman discovers that she is caught in a labyrinth of intrigue where angels, demons, and all the creatures between Heaven and Hell will stop at nothing to possess her.

The perilous fate of both realms rests on her success.

Go here for more info and to purchase!

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Voyager books on ebook sale through April 14

We’ve got a great way to kick off the week – an ebook sale on some great Harper Voyager books! These three books are on sale today through April 14, across all e-reader platforms. So what are you waiting for? Get these deals while they last!

BY THE BLOOD OF HEROES by Joseph Nassise. $0.99. The first book of The Great Undead War series, this alternate history blends steampunk, horror, and action all into one heart-pounding read. At the tail end of 1917, the Germans introduced a new type of gas to the battlefield, T-Leiche, or “corpse gas,” and changed the face of the war by resurrecting the bodies of the dead, giving the enemy an almost unlimited source of fresh troops. The sequel, ON HER MAJESTY’S BEHALF, will publish in December 2014.

Amazon Kindle link

B&N NOOK link

iTunes link

Kobo link

THE ECHO by James Smythe. $1.99. The second book in the Anomaly Quartet, The Echo picks up where The Explorer left off. The disappearance of the spaceship Ishiguro twenty-three years ago devastated the global space program and set back exploration for a generation. Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of twin brothers Mira and Tomas Hyvonen, the program has been resurrected. Spearheading a new age of human discovery, the brothers also hope to solve the mystery behind the Ishiguro‘s disastrous mission.

Amazon Kindle link

B&N Nook link

iTunes link

Kobo link

DEEP SPACE by Ian Douglas. $0.99. The fourth book of the New York Times bestselling Star Carrier series, Deep Space is an action-packed tale of humankind’s struggle to bring down an evil empire that spans the universe. Twenty years after the fragile truce with the Sh’daar, Koenig is now President of the USNA, and Gray is skipper of the CVS America… soon to be promoted to commander of the entire battle group, Koenig’s old position, and one which he might not be ready for. The truce with the alien Sh’daar is unraveling as many predicted, and Humankind still knows little about them, or what they are. The fifth book of the series, DARK MATTER, will publish in June 2014.

Amazon Kindle link

B&N Nook link

iTunes link

Kobo link

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Enter to win an advanced reader’s galley of QUEEN OF THE DARK THINGS

It’s officially spring time, so let’s shake off our winter blues with an amazing giveaway. Five lucky winners will get an advanced reader’s copy of QUEEN OF THE DARK THINGS by C. Robert Cargill, the sequel to the acclaimed DREAMS AND SHADOWS! The book comes out on May 13.

Six months have passed since the events in DREAMS AND SHADOWS, when the wizard Colby lost his best friend to an army of fairies from the Limestone Kingdom, a realm of mystery and darkness beyond our own. But in vanquishing these creatures and banning them from Austin, Colby sacrificed the anonymity that protected him. Now, word of his deeds has spread, and powerful enemies from the past—including one Colby considered a friend—have resurfaced to exact their revenge. As darkness gathers around the city, Colby sifts through his memories desperate to find answers that might save him. With time running out, and few of his old allies and enemies willing to help, he is forced to turn for aid to forces even darker than those he once battled.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below, or RT us on Twitter: @HarperVoyagerUS! The giveaway ends today at 7 p.m. ET. Good luck! The winners will be selected at random and contacted directly.

Haven’t read DREAMS AND SHADOWS yet? It’s on sale for ebooks now through 3/31 for just $1.99!

Open to U.S. only

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Follow Richard Kadrey during the Twitter Fiction Fest

Tonight, Richard Kadrey will spend two hours on Twitter feeding you story prompts as part of the Twitter Fiction Fest! You can join in by writing your own Twitter story openings. Or continue the story here or offline. Or end the story. The choice is yours.

Richard’s Twitter handle is @Richard_Kadrey and he’ll be tweeting from 8-10 pm ET tonight.

New York Times bestselling author Richard Kadrey has published eight novels, including Sandman Slim, Kill the Dead, Aloha from Hell, Devil Said Bang, Kill City Blues, Butcher Bird, and Metrophage, and more than fifty stories. He has been immortalized as an action figure, his short story “Goodbye Houston Street, Goodbye,” was nominated for a British Science Fiction Association Award, and Butcher Bird was nominated for the Prix Elkaban in France. A freelance writer and photographer, he lives in San Francisco, CA.

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Win a copy of ARCHON by Sabrina Benulis

In anticipation of the sequel coming out in two weeks, we’re giving away 5 copies of the first Book of Raziel, ARCHON, by Sabrina Benulis!

The sequel, COVENANT, comes out on Tuesday, April 1! You can pre-order your copy now.

About Archon: Angels and demons battle for a girl possessed by the spirit of a powerful, dead angel in this fabulous paranormal debut. Archon is new wave urban fantasy, a tale of the supernatural that brilliantly blends passion, obsession, horror, and suspense in a way that will appeal to dark fantasy fans and paranormal romance readers equally. Sabrina Benulis’s angels are creepy, sexy, and totally awesome—and, like Anne Rice’s amoral, ambiguous, and addicting vampires, they will seduce and terrify you at the same time.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below, or RT us on Twitter: @HarperVoyagerUS! The giveaway ends today at 6 p.m. EST. Good luck! The winners will be selected at random and contacted directly.

Open to U.S. only

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Win Robin Hobb’s Rain Wilds Chronicles books

You’ve made it through another week, and we’re here to celebrate with you. We’re giving away four sets of New York Times bestselling author Robin Hobb’s Rain Wilds Chronicles books. You might lose one hour worth of reading time this weekend, but you’ll be so absorbed in this acclaimed fantasy series you won’t even notice.

We’ll be giving four lucky winners the first three books of the series:




And one lucky winner will receive the complete set of The Farseer Trilogy: ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE, ROYAL ASSASSIN, ASSASSIN’S QUES.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below, or RT us on Twitter: @HarperVoyagerUS! The giveaway ends today at 7 p.m. EST. Good luck! The winners will be selected at random and contacted directly.

This is open to the US only.