Year of the Dragon Robin Hobb Giveaway!


Volume three of Robin Hobb’s Rain Wilds Chronicles: CITY OF DRAGONS is on sale February 7, but leave us a comment for a chance to win one of ten early copies of the new hardcover as well as paperback editions of volumes one and two: DRAGON HAVEN and DRAGON KEEPER.

Read this prologue to whet your appetite, comment by Monday, January 30th for your chance to win, and check for another post Tuesday announcing the winners!

City of Dragons – Prologue

313 thoughts on “Year of the Dragon Robin Hobb Giveaway!

  1. Robin Hobb is definitely my favorite fantasy writer. When it comes to Dragons in fiction the dragons in Robin’s books are the best. It’s amazing how a good writer can draw you into the subject so that a fantasy figure like a dragon can have a personality with depth and feeling. I am certainly looking forward to reading this new book.

  2. Robin Hobb’s books are so wonderful ! From the first time I read Ship of Magic a few years ago I have tracked down every book and short story written by her and under Megan Lindholm’s name. My family & friends in India and Australia have heard me rave about the fascinating stories and are themselves now die-hard fans. I am awed by how Robin Hobb writes. As a reader I am invested in her characters and how often I think of them wondering how their life will unfold – FitzChivalry, Malta, Paragon the madship…. each new book feels like a treasure trove. Can’t wait for City of Daragons

  3. Just listened to Assasin Aprentice as an audiobook and loved each and every second. I enjoyed the last two books and was pleasently surprised to find a 3rd book coming out! I will get a copy regardless of whether I win one or not, thank you Robin for being such an incredible writer!

  4. I’ve always loved the Robin Hobb books and the Dragon Haven series is amazing! I’m really looking forward to this one and I’m happy that there’ll be even another one after it!

    Thanks for all your words Margaret!

  5. Robin Hobb’s books are excellently crafted. Her worlds are populated with real characters who change and grow. They are the only books that have made me wish that my metro ride were just a little bit longer. I hope she comes out East for the book tour.

  6. I love Robin Hobb. Good luck to everyone. :)

    I miss Fitz. He and the Fool were my favorites. Robin Hobb is great at characterization and keeping the reader hooked.

  7. As a very avid Robin Hobb fan, I will be re-reading all the books prior to City of Dragons so that I’m fresh up on everything!!

  8. To an avid reader it seems like forever when your waiting for the next book in a series to be released. But with Robin Hobb you always know it’s going to be worth the wait. :) Thank you :)

  9. cannot even put into words how much i want thre city of dragons book! I have every single other robin hobb book (some even signed) and always get them as soon as they’re released. Can’t wait to follow the rest of the journey in city of dragons and then the fourth book when it comes out!!!

  10. I believe I own and have read everything Ms.Hobb has written and published and she is one of about 4 authors that I eagerly await the next writing. I read many authors but I devour a few and Ms. Hobb is one of them.

  11. Wow, I can’t tell how much I’m longing to read City of Dragons, I just wish they’d release the English copy of it here earlier, it’s just not the same to read it in my own language :(
    Luckily enough there’s cross country shipping! <3 CAN'T WAIT!!

  12. It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for more Robin Hobb books, they are the only books that I will go back to year after year after year. They are the first books that I recommend to friends who are looking for something powerful and indepth to read. I can’t wait for the day to hand my daughter these books and watch as she becomes immersed in this world of fantasy as much as I am. Thankyou for being such an amazing writer.

  13. I am so excited! I just finished the Liveship series and have already read the two previous Dragon novels (yes I realize I read them out of order)

  14. The series began slowly for me, but I’m so glad I stuck with it. Hobb’s rich stories and characters are truly a delight. I’m very excited to read the next volume!

  15. So excited! I love Robin Hobb’s books because they have so many layers. They can be read again and again — during the first reading, I’m usually so hooked by the plot that I’m just rushing to see what comes next. On the second reading, I’m going slower and savoring the characters and relationships and images. And even after that, I come back to the books ever few years and the characters feel like old friends. Thanks!

  16. Woo hoo! I can’t wait for this book. Robin Hobb is my all-time favorite writer. Now that I’ve devoured all of her books (under that name) I’m having to wait for release dates! I’d love to get my hands on this early!

  17. Brilliant. Robin, you are utterly brilliant. :) I adore your novels, and I seriously cried for a week while reading Fool’s Fate. I have a genuine love for your characters and your world you have, as if through magic itself, created. The Fool, Beloved, takes the key to my heart though! I look forward to the new novel, and thank you for all your dedication to what you love! You give Fantasy/SF a breath of fresh air.

  18. At last – have been hanging out for book #3 – now if you could just put the release back to Feb 9 – it would be out for my birthday (rofl)!
    It’s summer here Downunder (Adelaide South Australia), so the best thing to do when it’s in the high 30s Centigrade (100+F??), is assume a comfortable position in the air con and start re-reading the first 2 books in readiness for the 3rd coming out.

  19. Ok I posted this by accident on a comment left by Marcus W on 25th of Jan..

    I love love LOVE reading Robin Hobb’s books!!
    It started with “The Liveship Traders”
    Soon I was hooked
    Imagine my delight upon learning there was more,
    It led me to “The Farseer Trilogy”
    Which I also adore
    The way the series tied together in the “Tawny Man” set
    Was a moment of excitement I will never ever forget!!
    And now the “Rain Wild Chronicles”
    Lets us return to this magic place,
    Bring on the 7th of February,
    Coz I simply cannot wait!!!

  20. These books are great just like every other book i have ready from Robin Hobb. I am a long time reader (for how long i have been alive). Started when I was about 10 and have read every book she has put out under the pen name Robin Hobb. thank you Hobb I will continue to read everything you write.

  21. i have just finshed the first two of the chronicles i cant wait to read city of dragons i was engrossed from the first page what a wonderful and touching story

  22. Wow, there are a LOT of replies on this post!! I love that the Author of one of my all-time favorite book series has so many loyal (and excited!) fans! :D

    I have a Dutch friend who has read, both Books 3 & 4 of the Rain Wild Chronicles since they have both been released in the Dutch Translation so I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of this!!!!

  23. These sound great to me. Robin Hobb has been recommended to me numerous times. I’d love to have the opportunity to read this series.

  24. I’m probably the biggest german fan of Robin Hobb. Can’t even say, which are my favorite books. Probably always the one, that I just read. I love them all!

  25. I just recently stumbled on the short story in Legends II that was written in diary form regarding the first settlers in the Rain Wilds. I was so intrigued that I had to check out more of Robin Hobbs books. I started with Dragon Keepers and Dragon Haven, and have been devouring the Liveship Traders series. I love how they overlap, and how Althea and Brashen feature for a short while in the Rain Wilds Chronicles. I hope that there are more crossover characters within all the different series. I would love to read more about Amber and Jek.

  26. The combination of world building and character development in the Farseer universe is beyond intoxicating. Can not wait for the next volume!

  27. Okay Robin! You are so unpredictable. You think outside the box. The prologue was a total surprise to me. And by the way, I just finished re-reading Dragon Haven and Dragon Keeper so I would be ready for the next book. Throw me a curve ball! :) Anyway, as usual I am anxiously waiting. Oh and Harper Collins? Please give some thought to printing and releasing the Megan Lindholm books which we have so long been denied!

  28. In Spring I began with the Assassin’s Apprentice and feel in love the story of FitzChivalry. After reading the Farseer Trilogy, I read the Live Ships Trilogy, then the Tawny Man, and now I’m reading the Dragon Keeper. I have never had a literacy experience as I have with these books. I’m addicted. I love it.

  29. I absolutely fell in love with this series. A book that creates a new world, that stretches the limits of the imagination to write, is a thrill to open and one of the best examples has been this series. Reading is the best past time there is to take you out of the chaos of the everyday. There are several of us in my office that are big fans. Would love to win a copy! So excited!!!

  30. Swinging by from the Hobb messageboard where Robin mentioned there was a competition on. I’m very much looking forward to this book. Her style of writing is pure pleasure to read.

  31. I’ve read and loved all of Robin works over the years and cannot wait for the next book in this series! She really is one of the most glorious writers period, not just in fantasy. Thanks for this opportunity!

  32. I discovered your writing with Dragon Keeper and loved it, so of course I then read Dragon Haven. Now I’m reading the Liveship books. I was never a hage fan of dragon books before, but now I’m reconsidering. I can’t wait for City of Dragons. Thanks for the great books.

  33. I’ve just found Robin Hobb and BOY, am I happy about it! I’ve started The Rain Wilds Chronicles and The Farseer Trilogy and can’t wait until I finish. Loved the beginning of City of Dragons and I’m looking forward to reading the book. Thanks Robin, for writing such wonderful characters!

  34. Loved the Farseer triology, just starting the Tawny man, and am looking forward to the Dragons! Thanks for the chance to win :D

  35. I’m so excited for the release of this book! It’ll be great to keep reading about all these fascinating characters…I love the way how Hobb’s writing pulls a reader in so that it almost seems impossible to get out of the story–especially at night when you need to sleep but just can’t put the book down! Thank you Robin Hobb, for creating characters that seem to be so real and are just as complex and flawed as any real character in reality, whether they be human or not. Such work really makes the story flow.

  36. I am really looking forward to the February release of City of Dragons. I was excited before, and now the prologue has completely whet my appetite. I love the River Wild chronicles and enjoyed reading the short stories in the Inheritance collection. I can’t wait!

  37. Saw the contest on Goodreads…I have to say, I love the Ships, ALL the ships and I will read everything you want to put out there for us about your wonderful ships, I hope we haven’t lost the ability to have more ship adventures on the high seas now that we know how they are made, are you sure they can’t…ah well. You have given me much pleasure with all your books, the Rain Wilds just stand out and sing to me especially, thank you Robin.

  38. Just finished ‘Dragon Haven’ and am so excited about the new book. Reading the prologue makes it hard now to wait until the book is released – it’s great to read about Tintaglia and Icefyre, hopefully the new book reveals more about other characters from the earlier books as well as the story of the dragon keepers.

  39. Wow, the cover and the first page look WONDERFUL!!!! And then the prologue!! I can’t think of anything else anymore!!!! Thanks Sa that Robin Hobb lives in this world!!!

  40. Wow, the cover and the first page look WONDERFUL!!!! And then the prologue!!! I can’t think of anything else anymore!! Thanks Sa that Robin Hobb lives in this world!!

    • I lioke to wait until all of the books in a series are out and then read them straight through. I have the first three books and am patiently waiting for the last book-Blood of Dragons–then devour. Thanks Robin for such realistic chartacters. Dave

  41. I’m so excited for this book, one of my favourite parts of this world have been the Rain Wilds and this story has me riveted!

  42. Darn… Shouldn’t have read the prologue… Stupid me…. Like giving a cigarette to an addict in remission – now I feel the RH buzz again….
    How can I get back to work with dragons flying in my mind?
    Thanks RH… super :)

  43. Robin Hobb is a machine! I love everything of hers that I’ve read so far, and am really looking forward to the book tour.

  44. Ever since i read inheritance ive been waiting for the new rainwilds book. If youve read the other rainwilds books and have not yet read the inheritance and other stories i high recommend you do. It is a great fill in the blanks on how it all started. Hope i win this book.

    • I love love LOVE reading Robin Hobb’s books!!
      It started with “The Liveship Traders”
      Soon I was hooked
      Imagine my delight upon learning there was more,
      It led me to “The Farseer Trilogy”
      Which I also adore :)
      The way the series tied together in the “Tawny Man” set
      Was a moment of excitement I will never ever forget!!
      And now the “Rain Wild Chronicles”
      Lets us return to this magic place,
      Bring on the 7th of February,
      Coz I simply cannot wait!!!

  45. Amazing! I am a book addict and love Robin Hobb! I have to complusively own ever book and I read and I actually had to borrow a friends for this series! Love love love this idea! Thanks!

  46. I, too, was born on the year of the dragon! I hope the contest is open for international readers *fingers crossed* and now, off to continue the big reread before the big day!

  47. Robin’s books always seem to surprise me with how good her characters and plots are, though I’ve read enough of her work that it shouldn’t take me by surprise anymore. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment in the Rain Wilds series.

  48. I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat for the third book in The Rainwild Chronicles. After reading hardcopies of the Assassin’s series, I stumbled on the Ship series in Audible which led me right to the doorstep of the Rainwilds. I had started reading the Tawny man series at my local library and had to put down Golden Fool when I realized that it had spoilers for events in Ships that I had not finished. Marvelous world!

  49. I have been waiting for this book for ages! I cannot wait to read it! I love how Robin Hobb makes you feel the emotions of her characters.

  50. I got Dragon Keeper as a Free Friday nook book from Barnes and Noble and was hooked. I’m reading Mad Ship from the Liveship Traders Trilogy now. I can’t wait for City of Dragons to come out!

  51. I have enjoyed all of your books and am looking forward to your latest. You brighten my days with your writings. Many thanks. Beth

  52. Robin Hobb has been one of my favorite authors for at least 12 years. I have read and re-read the Farseer Trilogy, the Liveship Trader Trilogy and the Tawny Man Trilogy over and over. I actually own three paperback copies of Assassin’s Apprentice for the sole purpose of loaning them out. :) I’ve been anxiously awaiting the February 7th release of City of Dragons and I would LOVE to win a copy! Either way, I’ll have one in my hands soon enough.

  53. I am so excited about this book! I discovered the Assassin books late, so read all three trilogies back to back, and was gutted when they were finished. When The Dragon Keeper came out I was completely lost in this world again, and could barely wait for Dragon Haven. I am about to read these two again, so they are fresh in my mind for reading City of Dragons.

    Robin’s books create a world so vivid and real, it makes you feel as though you are a part of it, and it’s so difficult to put the book down until it is finished!

    Robin Hobb is one of my favourite authors, along with Robert Holdstock, Jonathan Carroll, George R. R. Martin and Alexander McCall Smith.

  54. I love Robin’s books! I’ve read through the Assassin’s series and The Liveship Traders. Would love to get my hands on these books!

  55. Robin Hobb is my favorite author. She’s what got me into reading with the book Assassins Apprentice. I’d love to read the next book in this series! I’ve already read the first two and am itching for the next!

  56. My boyfriend is the hugest fan of Robbin Hobb and constantly talks about his love for these books. I’m getting sent to one of her book signings in Seattle this next month and I thought I’d do a little research and maybe some reading before I go.

    I started reading the prologue and… wow… I can see why he loves Robbin’s writing so much. I’ve been told this would be a really weird place to start the books so I’m going to hold off finishing the prologue but I definitely look forward to making Robbin’s work my next chunk of reading. I’m excited for the new book to come out and excited to find another really great author. :)

  57. Margaret Lindholm (aka Robin Hobb) is an inspiring and dedicated writer. Her contributions to up and coming authors is priceless and there is no better mentor than one as skilled in the craft as she. She always releases the highest quality works in a predictable and timely fashion that will never leave you sitting long in anticipation of what is to come. And there WILL be anticipation. Hobb is by and far one of the most skilled writers of our time, and certainly so for the fantasy genre!

    In other words, if you haven’t tried any of her works I highly recommend doing so as soon as you get the chance!

  58. Robin Hobb is a truly inspirational force. Everything that I have read by her is incredibly thought provoking; the stories she weaves, although fantastical, always reflect elements of real life in ways that leave me pondering my own experiences. I can’t wait to read the next installment of the Rain Wild Chronicles!

  59. I’m so happy!!!Robin Hobb is my absolute favourite fantasy author, everytime I read one of her books, I’m totally lost in her wonderful worlds. I’m looking forward for the italian version, but the original in english is always the best! ^_^

  60. Hi Robin! When I was in the Navy you did me a huge favor by donating a box of your books to my ship’s library. I’ll never forget your generosity. I’m out of the Navy now and living in California. I hope you can down to California sometime so I can thank you in person!

  61. Looking forward to it! Was introduced to Robin’s writing through a friend and have devoured each trilogy as quickly as I’ve been able to get my hands on them. Just started Rain Wilds Book 2 — anxiously awaiting book 3, so I will put off reading the prologue until I’ve finished book 2. :)

  62. I’m fond of Robin’s books, I can’t wait to see the 3rd and the 4th to be translated in french, so I’m switching for the original version ! Hope my english is good enough !

  63. Robin Hobb is one of my favorite authors! I reread Assassin’s Apprentice about once a year. The story of Fitz is my absolute favorite of hers.

  64. I love these books :o
    By far my favorite writer, followed by Raymond E. Feist. But really, Robin Hobb… you are amazing!

  65. Can’t wait, I just hope that my local bookstore actually gets in a copy when they say they’re going to. Or I’m going to be gnawing on the door in anticipation/frustration.

  66. Yay!!! City of dragons comes out soon! I have been waiting for months! I love books about dragons but the dragon keeper books are my favorites. I just hope the next one soon.

  67. Fantastic! I love the book series from Robin Hobb. I don’t know how she does it, but here books always fascinate me, dragg me in and make me forget everything when I’m reading them.

  68. Can’t wait to read this! Reading Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy got me into fantasy, and now I read this genre almost exclusively. I can’t wait to see what happens with the new dragons and their developing Elderlings!

  69. I’m so happy to see this book will be out soon! I loved the first two volumes and I can’t wait to see how the story continues!

  70. I’ll never understand how Hobb manages to consistently put out well-crafted books in such short order. Can’t wait to devour this one as soon as I can get my hands on it.

  71. Robin Hobb is my favorite author. If you haven’t read the Liveship Traders or Farseer books, you must! Can’t wait for this new one. Wish Robin would write another chapter about Fitz though!

  72. I am very very very much looking forward to the release of this book! I have enjoyed all of Robin’s books to date and this series is fantastic! Thank you, Robin, so much for all of your amazing words. By far, my favorite author. I count it as one of my most exciting fan moments hearing Robin read at Powell’s books in Portland when I just happened to be in the area on vacation from NC! Again, can’t wait for this book!!

  73. It feels like I have waited an eternity for this book! I’m abselutely in love with the series and the prologue have just increased my hunger! ;)

  74. Thank you for giving us these stories. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had a year from hell, half the world seems to be experiencing this too. The books have helped me escape what I’m going through each time I pick them up and for that I will be forever grateful.
    So again, thank you.

  75. I’ve purchased the first two books but am not reading them until I have the third. Then I can read them back-to-back and have a Hobb-fest!

  76. Since first being handed a well worn copy of the Hobbit by This Lady I have been entranced by fantasy and science fiction. This worlds that she has created will live forever as anyone who reads them will attest. The people and creatures are real, the situations heart felt, scary and seductive. All at the same time. The places where things take place are of this earth but at the same time very enchanting and surreal.
    Robin has enriched our minds and souls as few other have ever done. This may sound smarmy but really is extremely heartfelt, as it has always been.

  77. These books are amazing, i didn’t think robin could ever possibly beat the massively high standard she set when she wrote the farseer and tawny man books, they have such a huge following and i know many people are eagerly hoping Fitz will one day return. Having almost finished reading Dragon Haven, the release of the third book in the series is more exciting to me than Christmas! I have always been a lover of books, but tend to only read them all once, but i have read many of Robins books over and over, and will somehow have to twiddle my thumbs whist waiting for the forth book, Blood of Dragons. I hope Robin never stops writing, because i wil never stop reading xxx

  78. I am so excited about this book coming out :D I was so disappointed when Robin Hobb was originally only going to write 2 books for the series. I would love to win this book as it means I would get it before it’s release date in the UK & would get to read it sooner!!

  79. I LOVE Robin Hobb – I desperately need to get my hands on the first two books from this series and the new one when it comes out – heartbroken I haven’t read this series yet :’(

  80. I can’t wait to complete my Robin Hobb collection when City of Dragons comes out! I hope there are still plenty more adventures to come in this world of Bingtown, the Rain Wilds and the Six Duchies!

  81. Oh how awesome. I love the Robin Hobbs books :) And the new art work on her books are just beautiful. Very much looking forward to the new installment. I think the winner should be someone who has had a hard time of it lately and may not be able to afford to buy it, or needs something really nice to happen for them – books should be for EVERYONE who loves them :)

  82. Can’t wait to buy this when it comes out in Australia :) Unless I win a copy first. Dragon writing about dragons in the year of the dragon. Too good ;)

  83. Yay! There are few authors in this world who genuinely excite me with the mere thought of another book release. This is one of them.

  84. Have been reading fantasy for over 20 years, somehow didn’t discover Robin Hobb til last year. Since then I have DEVOURED everything & just can’t wait until the next rainwilds installment comes out in Australia!

  85. Robin Hobb is the author who got me back into reading. I love and own all her books, and can’t wait for the next one!

  86. I love each and every one of Robin Hobb’s series. She is the author that founded my love of fantasy, and reading in general. I have read the first two instalments three times now in my excitement, I cannot wait another moment to find out what awaits us in book 3!!

  87. I’ve been reading and re-reading Ms Hobb’s books for years now, and I’m so excited that City of Dragons in nearly here I’m jumping out of my skin.

  88. robin hobby was one of the first fantasy authors I discovered who writes in shades of grey. the liveship trader books broke my heart the first time I read them.. their power has not diminished with each re-read..

  89. Robin Hobb is the most amazing writer in the world :’(

    I loves her’s books and if I won i will read one of them in english :p ( I’m a french student XD)

  90. The Farseer Trilogy and The Tawny Man Trilogy are the best fantasy book I’ve ever read in my life (and I did read houndreds of them!). I likek Liveship Traders Trilogy too.
    I have been waiting for polish edition of Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven since it’s original realese date, but it’s still not here :( So I have no chooise and will start reading it in english (probably I’ll miss some details as there’s no chance I know every english word used in these books). Would be great to win these books from you guys :) All the best and regards from Poland!

  91. She really is the queen of fantasy. I’ve been waiting for the next book patiently till now, but reading the prologue has changed my wait to a sweet torture. :)

  92. Can’t wait, except I’ll devour it and then have to wait for the next Robin Hobb offering! I wonder if “The Fool” will make an entrance?? Ooohhhh, can’t wait, it is like Christmas isn’t it !

  93. One of the few authors that I recommend to everyone. I’ve read almost everything under both pen names and never hesitate to loan out my copy of Assassin’s Apprentice so that my friends gets hooked and wants to continue.
    A A copy of a yet to be released book would definitely have a special place after a good read.

  94. Dragon Haven was a great companion when I was stuck in SeaTac last week! Looking forward to the next one. Robin Hobb’s books are always so great! :D Cannot wait to go to the book launch at UW Bookstore!

  95. Been waiting so very impatiently for book 3 to come out ever since i finished the 2nd one. I absolutely love all books and stories written by Robin (Megan)but the whole river wild, live ship traders series are my favourites.

  96. I’m considering taking a day off work when City of Dragons is released so I can read it without being disturbed. The first question out of my mouth when someone is looking for something new to read is “Have you read any Robin Hobb?”

  97. Absolutely adore the Dragon Keeper Series….have re-read them several times waiting for the new installment, and each time I am absorbed from cover to cover. Love the writing, the characters, the imagination, and the beautiful Dragons! Dont stop Robin!! x

  98. The author that first won my reading heart, no one can borrow those first books . Butany have received them as gifts , can’t wait to get my hands on this one .

  99. I fell into Robin the day I was seriously reading everybook in the stacks. And have gorged on her bounty buffet ever since! Can’t ever get enough – I know I live there! Can’t wait!

  100. Can’t wait for this new installment. Can’t even bring myself to read the prologue because it will just leave me wanting more! Will just have to wait until I have the whole book in my hot little hands!!

  101. Re-read the Farseer, Liveship Traders and Tawny Man Trilogies the other day. Feels like I have been waiting forever to finish the Rainwild Chronicles, there is a special space on my bookshelf reserved for it, my Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm books take up substantial amount of space. I hope this isn’t the last book set in this wonderful world, Robin Hobb could probably get at least another 12 out of it :)

    Excited about the release.

  102. I can’t wait! Robin Hobb is such an amazing author; her books are inspiring, her characters feel real, and her stories are woven with such beautiful and incredibly intricate details.

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  104. Hobb always likes to start with everyone back in peril and then finish with an upbeat ending, so hopefully this won’t be any different as I’m already feeling stressed about that nasty Duke of Chalced!

  105. I cannot wait to get my hands on the third installment. I love that world. Every time I finish one of the books I dream of what it would be like to live in a world like that. I love Robin Hobb’s work and eagerly await the release.

  106. Yay!! Can’t wait! Actually, that’s a lie, I can and will wait, even after it comes out. It will stay in a brown paper bag stuffed at the back of the wardrobe where i will not see it and be tempted til the time is right. When i get one i tend to not eat, sleep and, in the best bits, breathe til the book is done. So I will wait til I have a good two day span where if all i do is lie on my back and turn pages my life will not fall apart. It will be a good two days.

  107. I can’t express how excited I am to be reading another book by Robin Hobbs. She is one of my favorite authors, and all of her books are prominently displayed on my best bookcase. I would recommend her to anyone who enjoys realistic, engaging characters, well-crafted fantasy worlds, or animals!

  108. I absolutely cannot wait for the next installment in this series!! I fell in love with Robin’s books and writing when I picked up my first copy of Assassin’s Apprentice about 10 years ago or so. Since then, I’ve never looked back! :) From Fitz’s adventures in the Farseer and Tawny man series, to Althea’s challenges in the Liveship Trader series, to the descriptive world of the Soldier Son series, and now to the Rain Wilds Chronicles series; throughout my time spent reading these wonderful books, I’ve “met” the most interesting and colorful characters and worlds…I hope Robin continues to coax us into her fantasy worlds with her eloquent writing! Definitely a highly talented writer with much to share! :)

  109. Massive fan of the Farseer trilogies – can’t wait to read more Robin Hobb. I’m sure I will get around to reading the new book one way or another :)

  110. The last I had heard about the Rain Wild Chronicles was back when she thought she was only doing two of them, which was saddening to say the least since I really liked them and LOVE anything about the Rain Wilds, plus the way Dragon Haven ended, I wanted to know more!!!!

    So a few days ago when I accidentally stumbled across the Amazon pre-order page for City of Dragons, I about had a hart attack! Then I saw it’s coming out on FEBRUARY 7TH!! The only thing better then fortuitously finding out one of your most favorite authors has another book coming out, is not realizing it until right before it’s released, so I don’t have to spend months being impatient and waiting!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  111. I have been a fan of Robin’s for a long time. I named my cats Fitz and Molly! Her books are the only books i read over and over again and the anticipation of this next book is at fever pitch! I am literally counting down the hours until i can rush out and buy it. This series so far is up there with the Farseer Trilogy for me. It is that good! (I cant say if its my favourite yet but its definitely looking like it could be).
    Thank you Robin Hobb for hours and hours of joy, tears, terror, heart ache entertainment and what will be, life long love.

  112. I love love love Robin Hobb books!

    Can’t wait to read this one!

    Whether I win the giveaway or not, it will still find a home in my bookcase either way, with all the rest of them!

    Keep on writing Robin, the world only gets better with you contributing to it!

  113. I’m pretty much salivating at the thought of a new Hobb book, I can’t remember any fantasy that has absorbed me as completely as The Farseer trilogy!

  114. I see that Dragon companionship is much alike human companionship…and who can resist a dragon named “Icefyre?” Not me.

    I want to win. Pick me. Oh, right…it’s probably a random choice. Okay, so “randomly” pick me! LOL

    Email: zgarcia(dot)alvarez(at)gmail(dot)com
    On Twitter: @ZaraAlexis

  115. My son got a Kindle for Christmas and I ordered Dragon Keeper on it. I used to read avidly, but since I got married and had kids, that was on the back burner. Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven got polished off in a week! I can’t wait for City of Dragons to release and would LOVE to have copies of them all in “real book” form!

    May have to look into some of Robin’s other trilogies, as well!

  116. The Rain Wild Chronicles become more and more interesting! I haven’t finished reading the volume 2 yet, but that’s only because I lack of time, not of will!

  117. I first heard of Robin Hobb about four months ago. Since then, I’ve read the Farseer Trilogy, The liveship, The tawny man and I’m about to finish Dragon Haven!
    Can’t wait for this one!

    • I recommend starting with the Assassinbooks, then the Liveship trader books. After that, the tawny man book. Then there is the Soldier Son trilogy. Next is Dragon keeper, Dragon Haven, and City of Dragons will be coming out soon. You will love these. She is completely different from the sad generic fantasy that is out there today.

  118. It’s hard to have to wait to read on. I read the prologue last week and was hoping for another little peek today!!! Can’t wait!

  119. I am thoroughly enjoying this series,Love the way they are written I plan to start on the other series that you have next,,great job

  120. Yay! =D I’ll buy the book as soon as I move to the US! I can’t bring my Robin Hobb collection with me (why must there be a weight limit on hand luggage?), so I’ll have to wait till the 29th to buy it.. But that makes me look forward to moving even more xD

  121. I love this series of books and I am so pleased to see Tintaglia again. I had been wondering what had happened to her and Icefyre. Looking forward to reading this new book.

  122. It’s ironic how you been able to wait patiently (kinda) for two years, but now, you feel like a kid on christmas eve. The presents are so close, but it will be hours before you can open them. I remember those hours like they lasted forever, lol.
    A very similar feeling to this…

  123. Interesting. I haven’t read any of this series but I do like Ms Hobb’s work in other series’. Definitely going to have to add this one to my TBR list.

  124. These books grow on a reader, so they must be read and reread from time to time. Robin Hobb writes books that satisfy the fantasy interest as well as general human interest. A good comparison are the books of Ursula Le Guin. I’m looking forward to this new one.

  125. I love the whole world vreated by Robin Hobb. I read the prologue and now it’s driving me crazy. I can’t wait to find out more! I may have to go back and re-read the first 2 just to keep myself sane between now and Feb 7th.

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