Read Chapter Four from Kim Harrison’s A PERFECT BLOOD!

Dying for the next chapter of Kim Harrison’s new Rachel Morgan novel, A PERFECT BLOOD? You’re in luck! Chapter four is now available.

While trying to find a way to stop her enemies, Rachel has a startling moment of clarity as to what their end goal is. And for more than one reason, she doesn’t like what she’s figured out…

A Perfect Blood, Chapter 4

If you missed the beginning, catch up now:
A Perfect Blood, Chapter 1
A Perfect Blood, Chapter 2
A Perfect Blood, Chapter 3

And pre-order A PERFECT BLOOD to read the whole book on February 21st!

26 thoughts on “Read Chapter Four from Kim Harrison’s A PERFECT BLOOD!

  1. Kim I am a total fan. U r my fav author. Have tried so many trying to write like you but they just don’t cut it. Pleeease never end The Hallows, I’d have nowhere to hide :)

    • So true! If the Hollow series ended…It’s too tough to talk about. As a once “poet only” person, Kim, you have now inspired me to write stories and I am definitely glad to call you an influence! You’re an amazing writer and story-teller and thank you for the great novels!

  2. So cannot wait for this! Yay! I need more! LOL. I honestly buy very few books in paper format anymore because I am trying to be more “environmentally friendly” but I need the Hallows series in all its hard-covered glory. 17 days……

  3. I was wandering around Amazon looking for a new Kindle book and completely disappointed by what I found…until I saw your new book set to release in a few weeks!!!! Lately some of my favorite authors and characters have not lived up to what I have come to expect from them. But Rachel and the gang always far exceed my expectations. Thank you so much for keeping the series alive and exciting. Characters evolve without losing those things we love about them. You rock! Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I think Rachel and Trent need more page time together :-)

  4. Kim, I wish your books were 2000pgs long. Longer. The only complaint I’ve ever had is that they end too fast. No matter how many books in you are with The Hollows, you never go stale. Thank you for creating such a dynamic world. Oh, and can Rachel please hook up with Al At least once. And not a dream sequence.

  5. Kim Harrison has been my favorite author for about 8 years now, I fell in love from the very first book and I’m so excited that we are getting more.

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  7. Kim Harrison, you are literary dealer and I am one of your many addicts! :0) I love the book so far! I just can’t wait for Al to return to the story ( i know I know he hasn’t been gone that long! ) he and Rachel are my favorite characters. Their interactions are fantastic! He’s sooo jaded and capricious, she’s tough and tries so hard not to wear her heart on her sleeve. She’s really beginning to grow up! (0: Ty for such perfect stories can’t wait for the rest of the book!!! :0)

  8. Kim Harrison just gets better and better. I can’t wait to purchase this book. I’m even going to get one for by best friend. Love the early release chapters, that’s the way to create some real excitement!!!

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  10. I can’t wait to read the Perfect Blood! I’ve been waiting patently since Pale Demon… These teaser chapters are killing me! Why can’t the Hollows Books be here sooner?!?!

  11. Love the free chapters, thank you so much. I can’t wait to buy the book.

    I’m hoping Rachel will take off that silver bracelet soon, she’s not as much fun when she can’t tap into ley-line magic. Yes, I realize that Al will be pissed but that will be pretty exciting too. :)

    Typo notes:
    pg 47 Ch. 4 second paragraph; I believe “made” in the sentence “…would made an odd statement given the modern feel of the rest of it, but…” should be “make”.

    pg 63 ch4 first paragraph; “…they’re only going to take you to an
    empty building by now.”
    Doesn’t seem to make sense, am I just reading it wrong?

  12. I read Kim Harrison’s first Rachel Morgan book ‘Dead Witch Walking” last April. I loved it and immediately purchased every book in the series on my nook. I read them all in a month and recommend them to everyone!! Since finishing “Pale Demon” I have been going crazy waiting for the next book!! I am such an addict now!!! Kim Harrison is amazingly creative and her books are sensational!!! The books are exciting and you lose yourself in this world she has created! I am never disappointed just left wanting more

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