Read the next installment of Robin Hobb’s upcoming new novel CITY OF DRAGONS!

You’ve read the prologue–now here’s chapter one of Robin Hobb’s upcoming new novel CITY OF DRAGONS! The book is on sale February 7th, but we couldn’t wait to share the first few chapters with all of you. Enjoy the prologue and chapter one, then check back next week for chapter two!

City of Dragons, Prologue

City of Dragons, Chapter 1

To read the whole book, pre-order CITY OF DRAGONS, on sale February 7th (US/AUS) and April 23rd (UK)

9 thoughts on “Read the next installment of Robin Hobb’s upcoming new novel CITY OF DRAGONS!

  1. All fine with the prologue but I’m having problems with Chapter One during download. It keeps coming up error around the 4.38MB mark. Is it just me?

    Thanks for posting in the first place, Harper Voyager!! :)

  2. I can’t wait to read this. I’ve been waiting for this book since about a week after the last one came out. This time I’ll have it on my I-pad. Thanks for the stories.

  3. I heard from someone that City of dragons ánd Dragon’s Blood the Dutch versions are already released (september 2011 and december 2011). I’ve checked it at an online dutch webshop and both books are indeed for sale. Are these the real stories? I can’t imagine the Dutch versions being released before the US and UK editions, especially as Dragon’s blood is planned to be released in 2013?

    • I can attest that this is 100% true: we own all four books of the rain wild chronicles, Dutch version. They are SOOOOOOOOOOO good! It does strike me as absolutely crazy that the Dutch translations are already published when the books are yet to appear in the US and the UK, but I guess business is business?

      I was so disappointed when I finished reading the last book in the series: I want more!

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