Winners of the Year of the Dragon Robin Hobb Giveaway!

We want to give a big thank you to the more than 300 people who commented to help usher in the Year of the Dragon with Robin Hobb! And now here are the lucky 10 winners of Robin’s new hardcover, CITY OF DRAGONS, as well as the paperbacks of volumes one and two: DRAGON HAVEN and

Andrea Burns
Isabella van Veen
Kelly Golding
Melissa Skorupa
Norm Finlayson
Aaron Proferes
Amanda Cole
Nikki Diaz
Michael Jones
Josh Griswold

Congratulations to our winners! Please email “eosbooks AT harpercollins DOT com” with your mailing address, and we’ll send your prize to you.

Thanks again to everyone who commented! And be sure to pre-order CITY OF DRAGONS, on sale February 7th.



24 thoughts on “Winners of the Year of the Dragon Robin Hobb Giveaway!

  1. Has anyone recieved their books yet? I did not get an email confirmation back from sending my address and I am wondering if that means something went wrong.

  2. Congrats to the winners, envy, envy,envy…..and I agree about Nighteyes, he was my favorite,perhaps he sired a son somewhere, one with an unusual memory? How cool would that be?

    • md: The bulk of Brooks’ career revovles around the Shannara novels. And somehow, every time I read a new one, it always feels as though I’ve read it before.Maybe it’s just me. . .

  3. Wait a minute, so i just re-read the book giveaway post and now i feel really dumb haha x).
    I read about the contest in her blog post that was up at and thought Robin had meant when she said to “Simply go by the site and make a comment by Monday, January 30th, 2012″ that she’d meant the contest posting on her livejournal site. Didn’t even know there was a contest posting on the publisher’s page.

    So, i posted my entry comment on the livejournal contest page instead of the publishers one, and thus i guess i was never formally entered in the contest after all, and only thought i was.

    I don’t suppose there are any more upcoming contests or giveaways by any chance :/?…

  4. Is there an “edit post” button? The emoticon in my post looks deceitfully cheerful and i would like to change it to something more fitting.


  5. Please consider a book that reunites the Fool with Fitz. The unit of Fitz, Nighteyes, and Fool is already broken with the demise of Nighteyes. There is now no one who truly knows and understands these two with the exception of each other. They are incomplete and unfinished. Fitz has only been completely loved by Nighteyes and Beloved. Beloved has only loved Fitz without hesitation or reservation. Although Fitz was willing to give up everyone and everything for the Fool, I don’t believe he would have given up the Fool for anyone except Verity, or anything except Nighteves. Both of those exceptions live only in memory now.
    Beloved has completed his mission of insuring that there be a Farseer heir and returning dragons to the world. He has seen the heir, Dutiful, but he has never seen a real dragon fly. He deserves to see it.
    Fitz does not know how to find Beloved, but Beloved will always know how to find Fitzy Fitz. Please find a way for this to happen. Let them be complete. It might not be smart, but then the Fool has never been wise.

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