A Special Treat: Wallpaper from Kim Harrison’s A PERFECT BLOOD!

We’re so excited to be getting closer and closer to the on sale date of Kim Harrison’s A PERFECT BLOOD (2/21/12)! In the meantime, we have this nice and shiny wallpaper for you — simply click on the thumbnail to download the hi-res image. Enjoy!

After you’ve downloaded the wallpaper, be sure to check out the first few chapters of A PERFECT BLOOD:

A Perfect Blood, Chapter 1
A Perfect Blood, Chapter 2
A Perfect Blood, Chapter 3
A Perfect Blood, Chapter 4

To read the whole book, pre-order A PERFECT BLOOD, on sale 2/21/12.

2 thoughts on “A Special Treat: Wallpaper from Kim Harrison’s A PERFECT BLOOD!

  1. Oh for a proper HD wallpaper! I could do with something that at least scales up properly to fill my 1920×1080 pixel laptop screen — I had to stretch the Pale Demon one to fit, making the artist’s impression of Rachel rather broad in the beam. A lower resolution piccy would do, as long as it has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

    I think I might stick with the Pale Demon one, as it looks really good as my laptop background and the new one needs too much height for useful framing.

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