A Game of Thrones – the enhanced ebook

If you haven’t heard about or seen this yet then get reading! The enhanced ebook features three new maps, – Westeros, King’s Landing and the Wall – audio content from the audio book read by Roy Dotrice, and hyperlinked character names.

Watch the video:

The Product Page to Download the full version is here:


4 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones – the enhanced ebook

  1. Hi,

    I bought George R.R. Martin’s 7 book set. I’m just wondering if there’s anyway that I can download each book in the form of an e-book? I’ve looked in quite a few places and i haven’t seen anywhere that tells me where to download them from. I’m assuming it’s possible as there’s a symbol on the back of each book.



    • Unfortunately we don’t publish GRRM in the US–check out Del Rey Spectra, as they’re George’s US publishers.

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