Raymond E. Feist’s new novel, A CROWN IMPERILED, on sale today!

Thirty years ago, Raymond E, Feist wrote his first novel, Magician—a story about an orphan boy named Pug who travels to a place known as the Kingdom of the Isles to study wizardry from the Master Magician Kulgan—that set him on a long bestselling track. Now after 28 books (authored and co-authored) we are in the midst of the final Riftwar, an epic series of battles between Good and Evil that have ravaged the land of Midkemia for generations.

Pug—now the greatest magician of all time—faces an evil so grave that entire armies of demons are terrified by it, and in order to save Midkemia and preserve the honor of the legions of heroes who have died defending the land, Pug must risk more than he ever imagined…

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18 thoughts on “Raymond E. Feist’s new novel, A CROWN IMPERILED, on sale today!

  1. I have just finished reading this and am glad I borrowed it from the library and did not pay out good money. I agree that the editing is execrable. In an entire section Pug is clearly supposed to be Magnus. There are parts where two alternate words have been left with no choice made, verbs and nouns are missing and must be inferred. Other sections that make little sense. It’s as though the wrong version was released and printed and nobody noticed or checked.

    Please tell me why I should pay for any book from you in the future is this is the quality of editing? The contempt for your customers and lack of respect for an author like Feist is also plain. A friend of ours who writes young teenage fantasy has recently abandoned her publisher for the final instalment of her trilogy in favour of self publication. Having read this poor example of the ‘value’ a publisher adds to an author I can now see and understand why.

    What is it like to be a dinosaur?

  2. I purchased the hard cover and would like to know if and when Harper Collins will make this right and replace the error-filled copy with the updated HARD COVER version. I paid for hard cover and I want the correct version in hard cover.

  3. I have marked my book with ALL of the errors, it is very colorful with my tabs showing all of the typos and grammatical errors.
    My question is, how do I get the corrected book and due to the HUGE error in the time line from the Pantathian island, what is the real version??? I am a huge fan and would like the corrected version so I know what is happening in the book. Is the corrected version just a change in characters? Is it a change in the whole story and how the book ends?
    Please send us fans the correct version of the book, or make it available at our bookstores so we can get it there! My bookstore reordered a book for me – guess what? NO CHANGE!! They were sent the same error-ridden novel that I already have.

  4. I recently purchased this book and , like the others, I think the editing is extremely poor. If you are coming out with a corrected version how can I obtain a copy? If not, I will gladly send it back to you for a complete refund. I just can’t believd Feist would tolerate this kind of shoddy workmanship.

  5. I purchased an electronic copy of A Crown Imperiled and I can live with the typos but chapter 4 and chapter 15 are inconsistent. 4 involves Pug in some action and 15 involves telling Pug about what Magnus not Pug had done in chapter 4. I have seen that corrected versions will become available. How do I get a copy?

  6. You know I was just thinking. RF is a great author, and this is a great series. Isn’t it too bad that all the comments are about the crap editing?
    We should be coming here to talk about how much we loved the book and how we can’t wait for the next one. Instead we are talking about stupid typos and badly screwed up plot points.
    I feel like Harper, and Feist, have cheated us of a valuable experience.
    This is the sort of thing that will make me think twice about buying any book with a Harper Voyager imprint in the future.

  7. This makes two books in a row that have been released, that have had some pretty big typographical errors in it :( The previous book, A Kingdom Besieged, also had some “whoah, what did that say?” typos in it that made you re-read a page more than once, in order to make sure you knew what was going on. Is Quality Control over there slipping? :(

  8. Add me to the list of people who think this book needed a proofreader. They are obviously completely relying on spell check. Well Harper, spellcheck does not find incorrect words. When you read a sentence like, “he went over the hill over.” it takes you out of the narrative and interrupts the story. And then to have major plot inconsistencies, like forgetting whether it was Pug or Macros who did that thing. Come on. This is a huge publishing company and a major author. They couldn’t have a proofreader check the final draft? What ever happened to that program where they would have people read preview copies of books? Sign me up for that HV. I’ll gladly read all the sf you want to send me. I may not be an English professor, but I guarantee I could have improved the readability of this book 100 times. Now that aside, I always enjoy Feist. I’ve been reading this books since Pug was a lad in Crydee. This story was another worthwhile addition to the series. But next time, PLEASE FIX THE OBVIOUS ERRORS.

  9. I noticed 2 or 3 plot inconsistencies – the isle of snakes one being the worst, but many missing words and incomplete sentences, and those where the sentance had been changed but previous words left in.

    Wonder if the error version will become a collectors edition!!

  10. Afraid I was also disappointed with the spelling, grammar, and missing words, sentances that just stop, plot inconsistenceies ( explained elsewhere as an early draft being included in the final draft ) but I have noticed 30, 40 + small errors and 2 or 3 larger ones.

    Wonder if my first edition hardback copy in the UK will be a collectors edition sometime! Don’t wanna send it back in case, but DO want to read the story as it should be.

  11. I have read all the series from Magician onward, slow deterioration, but to be expected in such a long series and I will look forward to the final book.
    However, I have to assume nobody bothered to proof read this book?
    If it was proof read has the proof reader been fired?
    Agree with comments above, absolutely appalling. I feel stock should be withdrawn and replacements with properly proofed books should be in order.

  12. Will they be replacing hardbound books in the U.S. with a new corrected printing like they are doing in the U.K.? There are too many errors to count and while the story is completely understandable, I often had to read things twice. I would like a good copy for my collection.

  13. I am VERY disappointed with the poor editing of an otherwise wonderful book. It is even more disappointing to know that these errors occurred in the UK and Australian versions over a month ago and were not fixed for the US release! Truly shameful. I hope a fix is forthcoming–and soon!

  14. I am really disappointed in my copy Raymond E Feists A Crown Imperilled. I have read and enjoyed all his novels and I amreally annoyed that something as simple as proof reading could not have been attended to, because I cannot understand how a novel could go to print with such stupid mistakes as a complete character change from the end of scene at page 101, to the continuation of scene on page 308. How can Pug be the discoverer of the Isle of Snakes in chapter 4 and Magnus in the continuation at chapter15. Spelling I can understand it being missed, but whole chapters with incorrect names. At £18.99 a book i expected a lot more care and attention dedicated to the product before it hit the shelves.

  15. Loved reading Raymond Feist’s latest novel. I have read all previous novels and enjoyed them all however the standard of proofreading on this novel is disappointing. There are numerous spelling errors, errors of spelling which lead to contextual inaccuracies, when added together the number of errors detracted from my enjoyment of the book. The section of the book with the most errors is between p300 and 400. I should add that the word in the book is spelled correctly but the word itself is the wrong word for the context of the sentence. The section outlined above has the most errors but there are other errors littered throughout the book. My regards to the author I hope the next and last book in the series has a greater standard of proofreading. Cheers Jan

  16. There are continuity issues that the Author has apologized for which are contained in the iBook version of this available in iTunes. Will the correct version be posted to iTunes and available to those who pre-purchased this book?

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