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Out now, Richard Kadrey’s digital short story, “Devil in the Dollhouse” + tps!

Out now,”Devil in the Dollhouse,”  a digital original short story from Richard Kadrey!

James Stark, a.k.a. Sandman Slim, has a new job, but being the new Lucifer in town gives fresh meaning to the word “Hell.” Especially when he hears of hideous massacres near a haunted fortress out on Hell’s frontier. As far as Stark’s concerned, the more dead Hellions, the better, but he still has to prove that no one screws with Sandman Slim. And facing creatures so terrible even Hell does not want them is no cakewalk, even for Lucifer.

Also out now, the trade paperback editions of SANDMAN SLIM, KILL THE DEAD, and ALOHA FROM HELL.

DEVIL SAID BANG, the next Sandman Slim novel, is out 8/28.

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Great review for Richard Kadrey’s DEVIL SAID BANG

DEVIL SAID BANG, the next Sandman Slim novel by Richard Kadrey, will be out 8/28, and it just received a great PW review!

“The most irreverent, darkly comedic, and downright cool installment to date. … Powered by Kadrey’s twisted wit and distinctive narrative voice, this novel is replete with memorable lines, images, and pop culture references. …The action-packed and bombshell-laden blend of dark fantasy, crime fiction, and Hellish sitcom is utterly readable.”

 Woohoo! We can’t wait for 8/28!

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New paperbacks for Stephen Hunt – Master of Steampunk

It’s always exciting when new, shiny books land on my desk, and today I was thrilled to find the b-format paperback of From the Deep of the Dark by Stephen Hunt awaiting me when I came back from a meeting. This is the sixth and final tale of high adventure and derring-do from the undisputed master of steampunk literature. Although this fantastic novel can easily standalone from the rest of the series, we strongly recommend that you read them all, starting with The Court of the Air.

From the Deep of the Dark is available in b-format paperback on 13 September 2012.

‘Hunt’s imagination is probably visible from space … Hold on to your hat and let yourself get carried away’ SFX

Pre-order the paperback now
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A daring underwater chase ends in a battle for the Kingdom itself…

The streets of Middlesteel are under attack by an unseen enemy, leaving bloodless corpses in its trail. The newssheets scream vampire, but the truth is even more deadly than anyone knows.

Charlotte Shades, Mistress of Mesmerism, is a thief – and a darned good one at that. When two mysterious men ask her to steal King Jude’s Sceptre from the Parliament vaults, the challenge (and reward) is too great to pass up. After all, Charlotte’s natural charm and the magic of the gem she wears – the mysterious Eye of Fate – have never failed her before.

Only consulting detective Jethro Daunt and his steamman companion Boxiron know there’s more to these two men than meets the eye. Yet even as they rescue Charlotte from a fate worse than death, they are thrown into a plot thicker than even they realize. They escape beneath the waves in an ancient submarine led by Commodore Jethro Black, where they encounter stiff resistance from the strange people who inhabit the vast underwater kingdoms. But man, woman, seanore and gillneck alike must band together if they are to defeat a danger that might not even be from this world…

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Great review and e-book sale for THE TAKEN!

How much do we love Paul Goat Allen of’s book clubs review of Vicki Pettersson’s THE TAKEN?!

“Bottom line: Vicki Pettersson can no longer be called an urban fantasy novelist. This novel transcends genre categorization – yes, paranormal fantasy readers will LOVE The Taken but so too will hardcore mystery and romance fans and, most importantly of all, mainstream fiction fans.

This is Vicki Pettersson’s coming out party – and we’re all invited.”

Read the first few chapters of THE TAKEN here.

Plus the e-book is on-sale right now for $2.99 until the end of July!

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Out now in a new paperback edition is this spectacular illustrated steampunk anthology, a nominee for the Shirley Jackson award for best Edited Anthology, with work by some of the most renowned and bestselling writers and artists in speculative and graphic fiction, including Mike Mignola, Alan Moore, Garth Nix, Naomi Novik, Cherie Priest, China Mieville, Lev Grossman and many more.

Also, take a peak at this great interview with Ann VanderMeer, co-editor of the anthology.

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Here’s our full schedule for #SDCC 2012. If you’re attending make sure to stop by booth #1017.



Thursday, July 11th




1:15 pm – 2:15 pm PANEL:

Not with a Bang, But a Bite: Zombies and the End of the World


Room: 6A

Moderator: John Hornor Jacobs

Featured Authors: Michael P. Spradlin

Followed by a GROUP SIGNING at 2:30 pm in AA9.


2:00 pm – 3:00pm PANEL:

Bradbury Effect: Ray Bradbury’s Sweeping Influence on Literature, Comics, Movies, and Beyond


Room: 5AB

Moderator: Chris Ryall

Featured Authors: Joe Hill, Mort Castle, Sam Weller




5:00 pm – BOOTH SIGNING: Raymond E. Feist (A CROWN IMPERILED)



Friday, July 12th


10:00 am – 11:00am PANEL:

The Art of the Thrill Kill


Room: 5AB

Featured Authors: James Rollins

Followed by a GROUP SIGNING at 12:00 pm in AA9.


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm PANEL:

Paranormal Love-Potion: Writing Romance for Non-Human Characters  


Room: 5AB

Moderator: Stephanie Perkins

Featured Authors: Kelley Armstrong, Marjorie M. Liu

Followed by a GROUP SIGNING at 2:00 pm in AA9.


3:30 pm BOOTH SIGNING: SHADOW SHOW: All New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury

Featured authors: Margaret Atwood, Joe Hill, Mort Castle, Sam Weller.

** Must have or be purchasing Shadow Show to enter the line.**


3:30 pm – 4:30 PANEL:

The Crownless Shall Again Be King: Epic Fantasy Wars for Mainstream Attention


Room: 6A

Moderator: Betsy Mitchell

Featured Authors: Raymond E. Feist, Robin Hobb

Followed by a GROUP SIGNING at 5:00 pm in AA9.


5:00 pm –  BOOTH SIGNING: Michael P. Spradlin (BLOOD RIDERS)


Saturday, July 13th

11:00 am – BOOTH SIGNING: James Rollins (BLOODLINE)





Executive editor Diana Gill of Harper Voyager and Morrow/Avon and Christina Colangelo of HarperTeen talk about the hottest books for both teens and adults. Fabulous new debuts, exclusive giveaways, and author appearances, including Robin Hobb, Richard Kadrey, Kiersten White, Tahereh Mafi, Dan Wells, and others.

Room: 9



Sunday, July 14th

10:00 am – 11:00am PANEL:

Stunted Fools, Scary-Ass Clowns, Enlightened Orangutans, Time Travelers other Devilish Charmers: Humor in Science Fiction and Fantasy


Room: 25ABC

Moderator: John Scalzi

Featured Authors: Richard Kadrey, Doyce Testerman

Followed by a GROUP SIGNING at 11:30 am in AA5.


11:30 am – LIMITED SIGNING Guillermo del Toro, author/director (The Strain Trilogy, Hellboy series, Pan’s Labyrinth)

**Drawing for Line Tickets to be held Sunday at 9:00 am in the Autograph Area AA08.**

12:30 pm – BOOTH SIGNING: Doyce Testerman (HIDDEN THINGS)


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THE EXPLORER – UK Cover Art reveal

HarperVoyager UK are thrilled to reveal the cover for James Smythe’s incredible science fiction début The Explorer. You may know James from his Guardian blog re-reading Stephen King, or as the author of the  ”utterly gripping and highly original” (Daily Mail) The Testimony published by our sister imprint Blue Door, but to Voyager he is the author of one of the best – and most compelling – science fiction novels we’ve read in years.

With no further ado, the UK cover for The Explorer (ebook 20 December 2012, hb 17 January 2013):


A tense, claustrophobic and gripping science fiction thriller from the author of The Testimony.

When journalist Cormac Easton is selected to document the first manned mission into deep space, he dreams of securing his place in history as one of humanity’s great explorers.

But in space, nothing goes according to plan.

The crew wake from hypersleep to discover their captain dead in his allegedly fail-proof safety pod. They mourn, and Cormac sends a beautifully written eulogy back to Earth. The word from ground control is unequivocal: no matter what happens, the mission must continue.

But as the body count begins to rise, Cormac finds himself alone and spiralling towards his own inevitable death … unless he can do something to stop it.

Pre-order the hardback or ebook today




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MTV Geek News names top SDCC 2012 panels

How psyched are we?  MTV’s Geek News names its most unusual SDCC 2012 panels to look for next week, and our authors are on several of them!

Michael Spradlin is on the “Not with a Bang, with a Bite” Zombie panel on Thursday.

Friday’s “Remixed Fairy Tales and Superhero Lore” features Tracy Hickman, whose WAYNE OF GOTHAM just published.

Our “Stunted Fools, Scary-Ass Clowns, Enlightened Orangutans, and Other Devilish Charmers: Humor in Science Fiction and Fantasy,” featuring Richard Kadrey and Doyce Testerman,

was picked as the best titled panel for SDCC 2012! (Congrats to Pam Jaffee for this title!)

Check out the whole list–there’s a lot of great stuff!

See you in San Diego!


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Jocelynn Drake’s Asylum Tales Begin!

On sale today is The Asylum Interviews: Bronx, the first of two ebook only prequel stories to Jocelynn Drake’s ANGEL’S INK, the first novel in her new Asylum Tales series about a magical tattoo artist, Gage, and his friends, Trixie, a gorgeous elf who hides her true identity and a hulking troll named Bronx.

Download it today and look for ANGEL’S INK in October. Here is just some of the praise it has already received:

“Jocelynn Drake’s writing holds a wonderfully wry humor akin to dark chocolate: bitter but irresistible. With a unique and fascinating magic system, Angel’s Ink is a new take on traditional and urban fantasy themes, spinning a tale of personal vendettas, mob bosses, and just a touch of romance. Gage is an engaging, sympathetic character with curiously twisted problems that he brings upon himself despite his best efforts. Keeping secrets from his friends works…until the hapless Gage makes the largest, and perhaps best, mistake of his life. Now he just has to survive it. Angel’s Ink is an other-earthly blend of magic and technology in the best tradition of urban fantasy that refused to let me go. The continuing Asylum Tales promise to be intriguing and wildly inventive.”
— Kim Harrison

“Gritty, authentic and face-paced! This urban fantasy series rocks!”
— J.R. Ward

“A lot of fun, with a whole new take on the dark urban fantasy. Bright and breezy, with fascinating characters, and a background with hidden depths. Drake puts the ink in incredible.”
— Simon R. Green