Digital edition of Richard Kadrey’s DEVIL SAID BANG

ETA: The digital edition is now correct at Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and all major e-retailers!!

We are aware of the problems with the digital edition of Richard Kadrey’s DEVIL SAID BANG and are working to correct this asap. We will update you as soon as we can, and our sincere apologies. We are very sorry for this error, and thank you for your patience.


16 thoughts on “Digital edition of Richard Kadrey’s DEVIL SAID BANG

  1. Ran into the problem of about 70 pgs being repeated at 162 of 232 on Nook tablet. I called B&N and got a refund, saw this forum saying the issue was fixed, redownloaded the book, had the same issue after a second purchase, got a second refund after B&N had the same issue with repeating pgs. What gives and when can I finish this book? B&N tells me I have to wait till the publisher contacts me.

  2. I bought the Sony Reader version and it was messed up. I ended up having to buy the real book for 25 bucks. I want my money back. I contacted Sony and Harper and nobody has gotten back to me. Upset this was “fixed” for Kindles but not Sony. How do you miss something like that???

    • I got it from Sony as well. I contacted Sony since Harper seems to have no F’in clue the Sony eReader version is is F’ed up as well. Sony sent the issue to Harper and I have been assured it will get fixed. I asked Sony how long it would take for Harper to get a fixed file to them, Sony has no clue how long it will take for Harper to get around to fix it. Harper needs to realize just how royally they F’ed fans of this series and F’ed those who got it from an e-retailer they seem to have forgoten.

        • Well isn’t that just F’in wonderful. If they had it for two weeks then why are they still letting people buy the F’ed up file? Some one isn’t being truthful and that someone is going to refund my $11.99 if this mess does not get fixed by Harper, Sony or God for all I care and soon.

  3. Has the corrected file been sent to google books? I downloaded the book on Sept 7, and it still looks like the story leaves off around page 183. Should that page start with “Candy is in the top-floor…”?

  4. What about the Sony eReader? When will the corrected version make it to the Sony Reader Store? You are aware that Sony makes an eReader as well. Is Kindle and Nook more of a priority? Sony’s ebook site not major enough?

  5. how do we know if we have a defective version? seems like there is a huge gap when he goes from the library to meeting candy in the hall of the hotel at the grandfather clock… but not sure.

    • I have redownloaded it a couple of times but it seems to still have a huge gap (the same place as yours, but a lot seems to be missing).

  6. Hello. I purchased the defective ebook on itubes on my ipad and it does not allow me to download the correct version since the one since one cersion has already beensownloaded. Please tell me how i can get the corrected version. Thank you

  7. I downloaded this from my library…..I’d rather not stand in line to read the corrected version……is there anything you can do to help me with this?

      • How do I download the correct version for my Kindle? I downloaded the incorrect copy earlier today, now how do I downloaded the fixed one? Tried redownloading but did not work…bought from Amazon btw

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