The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs

I had a very special treat land on my desk this morning. What book combines stunning black sprayed edges…

…with beautiful typeset pages, customized by character…

…and a (very accurate) shiny silver sticker?

Why… it’s finished copies of The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs, one of the most exciting books (and authors) of the year!

This book has been causing a firestorm of publicity throughout the world. 18-year-old Abbie and the incredible story of how her book racked up over 17 million views on online writing website Wattpad have been featured on BBC Breakfast, Sky News, The Sunday Times, Metro, Guardian, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Huffington PostSydney Morning Herald and many many more.

But what about the actual story? As her editor, I can say I was so swept away by the dark, lavish tale of Violet Lee and Kaspar Varn (oh Kaspar…) that I had the entire office reading the manuscript within 24 hours. Yes, this book is going to satiate the enormous appetite at the moment for dangerous liaisons, but this is a tale Abigail has been creating for almost four years – and the care and attention she has taken over the construction of her world and the characters who inhabit it really shines through.

Don’t believe me (I admit to a fair amount of bias!)? How about some of these sensational reviews:

‘Abigail Gibbs will make you fall in love with vampires all over again… but look out: these vampires will bite’ Meg Cabot, author of Insatiable (another brilliant vampire tale published by HarperVoyager) and The Princess Diaries

‘The Dark Heroine is an epic sexy vampire story set in London with afflicting characters and non-stop action (literally). I cannot wait for this book to be published because it will be HUGE! Bigger than it already is!’ Dark Readers

‘Romance, action and an impossibly sexy (yet possibly deadly) male character! Do I need to say more?’ I Want to Read That

‘The Dark Heroine is a dark and seductive paranormal romance that had me completely intrigued. Abigail Gibbs gives us a dangerous, sexy and sometimes disturbing set of vampires and a heroine who quite frankly would wipe the floor with the likes of Bella Swan.’ One More Page

Download The Dark Heroine on e-book now, at the introductory price of only £1.99 (price rising to £2.99 on Monday, September 24th 2012)

Apple iBookstore

Or if you are after one of the gorgeous paperback editions with the sprayed edges, they will be a high street (WH Smith and Waterstones) exclusive from 11 October 2012.*

*The paperback will of course be available to buy wherever books are sold, but sprayed edges editions will only be available through WH Smiths and Waterstones in-store.


For more information about Abigail, visit her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.

6 thoughts on “The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs


  2. So simply you fall into her world and under her spell. Above all Abigail has written a sensational and captivating love story. There is something new and exciting happening with the turn of every page, the reader is never left waiting. But whatever the current goings on with Violet Lee and the Varns it is the romance lurking in the background that attaches itself to you, this is what makes the book so difficult to put down. It is not an eye-rolling fluffy love but more of the stubborn frustrating kind that relates more to sarcastic readers like myself, so any small (eventual) reference to their feelings for one another, immediately thrills the reader. At one point I had to stop myself from screaming “Just kiss her already!” on a packed London tube!
    I am just hoping that this book is the beginning of a long journey for us, the readers, Abigail Gibbs and the Heroines.

    P.S. How wonderful of Ms Gibbs to reply to my facebook message. Thank you for this book.

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