The Submission Portal is Now Open!

The submission portal,, is now open and will be until the 14th of October 2012. The manuscripts will then be read and those most suited to the global Harper Voyager list will be selected jointly by editors in the USA, UK and Australia.  Accepted submissions will benefit from the full publishing process: accepted manuscripts will be edited; and the finished titles will receive online marketing and sales support in World English markets.

Voyager is seeking an array of adult and young adult speculative fiction for digital publication, but particularly novels written in the epic fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, dystopia and supernatural genres.

Please check our guidelines and start submitting!

Harper Voyager Digital Submissions Press Release


84 thoughts on “The Submission Portal is Now Open!

  1. I didn’t know thw portal had been reopened for another day. Talk about feeling gutted. Maybe I just wasn’t expecting it to reopen and wasn’t looking or it was kept very quiet

  2. All our gratitude to Harper Voyager for their willingness to reopen the portal! Thank you so much! I daresay that you won’t be disappointed with the final submissions.

  3. See Below from the SUBMISSIONS FAQ posted prior to opening the portal. As you can see it says “through 14 October, 2012 – which I believe is not 12:01 AM, but 11:59 PM on Oct 14.
    Awaiting a decision from the around the world

    “Our digital original submission period is only open from 1 October through 14 October, 2012, so visit and move one step closer to your Voyager dreams.”

  4. I finally got the format, that I believe sent, to open from my end. I was lucky enough to get it to send – if it went through. I don’t have word – I have open office and had to change the format several times to get it to download. The one I think went though, changed everything to plain tex, and changed the spacing to single. It probably won’t even be read. I spent 2 weeks working on details, before I submitted it on Sat. But it’s ok. I will keep trying if it doesn’t work out. There will be other chances!!!! Stay positive everyone! Let us know if your work is chosen! Good Luck!!!

    • I finally got it to submit again and the same thing happened. I must be doing something wrong. My open office format will not submit. If I change it to plain tex, It changes everything and downloads it single space. I wish I could get the orginal to go through.

  5. Please reopen the portal through the end of today. I, like a lot of other authors, did final tweaks and planned to submit it today. If possible, please email me and let me know if there is a way to submit another way. Thanks for your time and help.

  6. I tried about a hundred times to get to your submissions form. Your site just took me in a circle. If you have one of these again, how about making the submission process user friendly.

  7. I planned on submitting my manuscript this morning as I understood that the submission portal was open until 10/14. It seems it should have been clarified that submission portal was closing at 11:59PM on 10/13.

    • good find Cate. I suspect though that we won’t need to email that address. I think when the Harper Collins offices open tomorrow they will see the howls of protests. Fingers crossed the site will be reopened.

  8. Hi guys,
    I have been working like crazy for last 9 years and last 2 weeks have been uber crazy, i mean Its damn painful after travelling 100 kms a day to and fro from work on a jerky bus on a godforasken bumpy road and revising a 180k MS till 3 r 4 am every night and getting up at 8 am to go back to work and in addition to this i have to deal with 18 hrs power cut here and goddamn Mosquitos. I had to take a hotel room yesterday night, (no power in my home) exclusively to finish revising and now this happens. Never felt this pathetic before, at least I could have slept in this room for i havent slept for 3 whole days now. I am just hungry, sleep deprived, maxed out, broke for the month (damn costly room). I just wsh they would open for 24 hrs more.

  9. I worked every minute I could spare to meet the deadline that you closed early without warning. I hope you realize how this reflects on Harper Voyager.

  10. Been working like mad on my manuscript for the last two weeks, got it done and I’m ready to send it at 11:10 p.m. pacific standard time, October 13th out here in California, but the site says submissions are close. Hopefully this is a glitch and not an unmentioned time zone issue.

  11. I got mine submitted in the early afternoon, understanding they ment mid-night. However, I didn’t get a confirmation. I’m not sure if it made it. I had to re-format it 5 times to get it to accept the download. I’m not sure what format it passed. Does anyone know how to find out if it actually submitted???

      • Me too. Hopefully someone will read these emails and realise the tragedy that has occurred with their misleading description of dates and hopefully open the portal again for another 24 hours. Best Regards

    • This is daft, I’ve just done the same thing as many others, and discovered I am too late.

      I just hope they realise how much it means to people, and allow us to submit!!

      Email sent as requested.

  12. Like many others, I think your instructions as to the time of the deadline were misleading. If you really wanted it to end at midnight EST on the 13th, you should have stated it as such. It’s a little past ten here in California.
    Should you wish to admit your mistake, please open it until Oct 14th Midnight EST and allow submissions. You will probably get quite a few.

  13. Hello Harper Voyager

    Thank you for opening up this incredible opportunity for us. I’ve been working diligently to meet this deadline for a while now, as I’m sure my fellow writers have, as well.

    I am very disappointed to see the submission portal closed before the indicated deadline. It is 10:30pm on October 13th here in Arizona, from where I am writing.

    A fourteen-day window means that the fourteenth day should be included. Therefore, because the window began on October 1st, it should end on October 14th, not 13th. The ambiguity over time deadline and time zones have been a constant question for many of us in these responses, and there have been no previous attempts at clarification.

    I implore you to please consider reopening the submission portal for those of us who would otherwise have met the deadline. If you cannot open it for the entirety of Sunday, please at least allow us until midnight arrives on the west coast.

    I speak on behalf of so many of us who have diligently labored to meet the deadline that we thought you had granted us. We have the utmost respect for Harper Voyager, are deeply grateful for the opportunity you have extended us, and ask that you would please consider allowing these final submissions until October 14th, as you had promised.

    Thank you very much for your consideration.

    Ophelia Hu

    • This has obviously caught a lot of people out. I was submitting from Australia, but am surprised so many even in the US have been disappointed. Ironically, I could have submitted much earlier, but decided to re-read it one last time, thinking I had until end of Sunday 14th. Oh well. Here’s hoping another opportunity comes along soon.

    • I got caught in the same time crunch. I booked this weekend off, in the hopes of getting the finishing touches on my book. I began to worry this afternoon that I’d miss the deadline and really began a writing crunch. A friend of mine, who is a writer, assured me that the 14th meant the 14th at midnight but admired my dedication to finish early. I came on the site to upload my novel and saw everyone’s replies.

      I hope Harper reconsiders and gives us the 14th to submit.

  14. Thanks for this great opportunity. I was really disappointed to find the website closed at midnight on the 13th, rather than the 14th, so have missed out this time around. I hope to catch yyou next time.

    • Well said Janet. I just logged on to submit and was very sad to see that its closed!! I’m thinking maybe the wrong ‘end’ date and time had been entered in their system. Perhaps we’ll be super lucky and they’ll reopen for another 24 hours :) Good luck!

  15. Signed on to the website at 9:00 PST 10/13 to be told it was closed; I’m assuming that I missed the cutoff due to timezone issues. Is there any way that I can still submit?

    • I agree. My submission was entered at 11:59 EST, but, since this is an international call for submissions, I thought the times zones would be considered. Mine took too long to upload and I missed the cut-off.

      • I had the same issue. I tried to upload at 11:04pm Central Standard Time and was notified the portal was closed. I think the date information should have made it a bit clearer about exactly what time zone this portal was going to close.

        It’s really a shame, since it reads like it would be open through the 14th of October.

        • I think there will be a bit of an outcry as the day passes and more people start coming here to submit. When something says 1-14th, you automatically assume that the 14th is included. I thought I was getting my submission in a touch early by finishing it tonight! Guess I was wrong.

  16. I’m very disappointed. I sent off my submission this morning, and so far I have not received a call from the publisher begging me to sign a contract!

      • I would like to know this as well. If the submission portal went live at 12:00am on the 1st then it would almost have to be open until 12:00am on the 14th to constitute a full two week period as indicated in the press release.

        Anyone help us out with a better answer?

        • Hi all!
          The site definitely said till midnight on the 14th. I know this as I set te deadline in my diary. I was lucky enough to submit one manuscript on the day I found out Harper were open to submissions but have been working on my main sf novel for three days solid to meet the deadline. My thoughts are “please don’t complain and insult the publisher or whinge about bad press” WHY? Because aggravation is the main reason most publishers are closed to submissions.

  17. I submitted a story on Oct. 11 at about 8 pm EDT but haven’t received a confirmation. Is the process slow or do I have a problem?

    • If your confirmation email is not buried in your spam folder, consider resubmitting (given that there’s one day left to do so.) I received a confirmation with 5 minutes of sending.

      best of luck

    • Generally when a publisher sets na minimum word cout they mean it. If it were closer to 70K you might be able to get by. I had a novella no one would look at which was the same length as yours.

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  19. Was I hallucinating or did the form originally say we could post either the first 1,000 words or another scene — I think it said “best scene”. But now all I see is them asking for the first 1,000 words. Can we submit another scene or not?

    • I realized after I submitted the “Best Scene” I’d already chosen that the requirement had been changed to “First 1000 Words”.

      So I sure hope they’re not tossing submissions in the waste bin based on that, or judging from the comments lots of people will be automatically disqualified!

      • I imagine there’ll be quite a few people with eyes spinning, cartoon style, and ears emitting steam, as they wonder if they dare submit the 1,000 word ‘best scene’ they’ve just been polishing. Or should they play safe and go with the latest instructions? Tough choice. The first chapter is the wrapping, but the goods are inside. So what do you do – say hey, look at my nice wrapping? Or take a risk and say, here, look at the goods?

        • Thanks for the replies. At least I’m not the only one with this problem. I bit the bullet and submitted the scene I had prepped.

        • You are NOT imagining it! It did say first 1,000 words or “Best Scene”. I submitted on 10/3. A couple of days later, it changed to just first 1,000 words. I submitted one of my best scenes because no one has ever asked for that before. I went for it!!!!

    • I saw the same thing and chose a scene rather than the opening as it had lots of emotional impact. Haven’t submitted yet – but think I should probably follow the current instructions and go with the opening scene instead just to be safe.

      • I agree. I was very tempted to submit ‘best’ scene, for impact and tension, but given the unusual restriction on synopsis length vs query, and the fact that they took out the best scene option, I suspect they may also be checking that you are up to meeting specific requirements on demand. Unless your 1000 words just blow their socks off, of course!

    • I’m taking it that way, that is ‘we’re accepting manuscripts until the 14th (is over)’. Meaning none accepted on the 15th. I guess it could be ‘we’re accepting manuscripts until the 14th (begins).’ That seems a bit harsh.

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  22. I submitted my self-published fantasy novel, Drake’s Story Stone, yesterday and received a confirmation. It was extremely easy. My fingers are crossed for this huge occasion! I can’t believe this incredible company opened their doors like this…what a massive opportunity for so many. Even though chances may be slim…keep hope alive!!!!! I believe in destiny, do you?

  23. Exciting opportunity for writers! I look forward to submitting my book and winning, of course (humbly patting self on back in a pre-congratulatory gesture). Should I break out the champagne now? :D

    • No, breaking out or even mentioned” champagne” has now assured you that the book will NOT win.
      Sorry. I guess you are new to book submissions. Nor, I might add, even mentioning the word “winning” or “winner” or any similar words will prompt the Fates to curse you. What you need to do is remain glum, and assume you have no chance, and, honestly, you don’t. That’s my glumness for others, maybe it will lift the self curse from your submission.

  24. Fantastic event but shame this event is not open for Non Fiction!

    My book Wrong Place Wrong Time is based on a true story and since it was self published in June 2012 it has not been out of the top 10 in true accounts and true crime. It is currently #45 in Biographies, #81 in Non Fiction and #715 bestseller in UK! Also currently #21,526 bestseller in USA along with #86 in true crime in both kindle and books!

  25. The site mentions an online form that you need to fill out. I have checked at least a half dozen times and have not seen one. What was you experience sending in your work?

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