Final 24 Hours for Submissions!

We apologize for the early closing of the form. Technology error! We have now re-opened it and extended the period until this time tomorrow, October 15th.

Thank you!

15 thoughts on “Final 24 Hours for Submissions!

  1. What?! It reopened? I thought once it was closed that was it! I didn’t see anything about it here in Australia! I’m gutted now that I’ve missed it twice

  2. Thanks so much for recognizing the problem of the earlier timeframe, and opening the portal again.

    However…as Danielle points out, there appears to be no way for us to figure out what “this time tomorrow” actually means. Setting a specific time and time zone, such as “15th October, Noon, GMT” would seem to be all that’s required to once more vanquish the goblins of ambiguity.

  3. Thanks so much. But still confused what time! It says ‘until this time tomorrow’ but there is no indication of what time the portal was re-opened. Help! I’m in Australia and its early Monday morning here, the site wasn’t open again when i went to bed last night so I’m not sure when the 24hrs started from ……

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