5 thoughts on “Excerpt! Chapter One of Kim Harrison’s EVER AFTER (Jan 2013)

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  2. I would have to agree…Marguerite Gavin is AMAZING. As much as I love the Outlaw Demon Wails I was so bumbled that it was marguerite Gavin narrating. I too give your books to family and friends all the time. I will be at the signing in San Diego in my Ever After shirt…CAN’T WAIT. You rock Kim!!!!

  3. Fabulous. I have this book pre-ordered from audible.com. Marguerite Gavin does a brilliant job breathing life into your characters (especially Jenks!) Please do not change narrators! I’ve been a huge fan for a while. Several years ago, your boxed sets were Christmas and birthday presents for many family members and friends. You know a book (author) is really, really good when you have conversations about or wonder what the characters are “doing” or “thinking about” between releases! Keep up the great work, Ms. Harrison!

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