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The Daylight War

Next month sees publication of book three in Peter Brett’s The Demon Cycle and to say that we’re excited is a bit of an understatement.  There will be lots of news from us in the coming month about this book, but in the meantime…

Do you have a question for Peter? Post your questions to him in the comments, or post them on either our Facebook or Twitter pages. We’ll gather them all up and Peter will answer some of them right here on the blog next week.

Make sure you get your questions in by Monday because that’s when we’ll be firing them over to him!

9 thoughts on “Send in your questions for Peter Brett

  1. Hi Peter, loved the Warded (Painted) Man and the Desert Spear! I’m really looking forward to the Daylight war. I’m a fan of listening to audio books and the first two books of yours narrated by Peter Joyce, blew me away. Who is going to narrate the Daylight war for Itunes?, I really hope the same narrator is used because I’ve become addicted to the story so far and really want the nostalgia to continue. I’ve listened to similar fantasy books after hearing yours but when the narrator was not easy to listen too, I couldn’t get past a few chapters. Thanks for bringing to life really exciting characters that have filled a difficult part of my life with an immeasurable amount of joy. Thanks for your hard work – Simon

  2. I’ve a question on the nature of wards.

    Wards are written / drawn on the ground. Could the be analogous to letters and words? Could wards have a sound and could they be spoken?

    That would be quite a potent weapon against the demons.

    I can’t wait for the daylight war, keep up the excellent work!

  3. Hey, I would like to ask why did you choose to create separate chapters about each of the protagonists, talking about their past and where they come from instead of implementing everyone along in one story/chapter? Thanks!

  4. I’m looking forward to read The Daylight War. My question to Peat would be about the writing process, where do you get your inspiration for your wonderful books (one of my favourite fantasy series) and how long a day do you spend writing?

  5. Are you planning on any more novellas for subterranean press? Got the first two luckily, among my prized possessions now. Also are you going to be involved any more short story anthologies (like unfettered)?

  6. I was wondering if there was going to be a special edition version of TDW like there was with the last novella. I would definitely be in the market. ^^ Indeed I would be interested in any of your books that had such going on with them.

  7. Dear Peter

    I can send you a long, heartwarming letter, but I realize I have to keep this short.
    I am an African… A South African. I randomly picked up The Painted Man in a small second hand book shop. Now I am hook.

    One of my highlights was when I received a personalised bookplate from you. So on to my question:

    Can you come to South Africa and deliver my 1st edition of The Daylight War personally, in the middle of the night in an abandoned house, in the middle of the Karoo?

    If not, can you mail me a signed copy?

    Kind regards
    Conqueror of Demons
    Sir Gillie

  8. I am a big fan of the novelets where we get to read about the adventures Arlen has after he became a messenger and before he became the painted man, will you be making more of these?

  9. Peat???

    Looking forward to it though tis a shame its been such a long wait. Maybe not as the story and characters are still very much alive in my mind. For me, if one finds one’s self
    wondering what the characters are up to when the book has long ago been read, it is a successful book. Not many books leave living characters within my mind.

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