EVER AFTER out now!

EVER AFTER by Kim Harrison┬áIt’s here! EVER AFTER is out today–Congratulations Kim! Finally you can read the 11th novel in the New York Times bestselling Hollows series (and find out what’s happening to the demonic ever-after, what Ku’Sox has up his sleeve, and see what is going on between Rachel and the ever-intriguing Trent Kalamack.)

Kim is touring for the next two weeks too–her full tour schedule and information on signings is here.

Can’t make a signing? We’re livestreaming her University Bookstore signing in Seattle tomorrow, 1/23/12, at 7pm PST.

4 thoughts on “EVER AFTER out now!

  1. I could not find Kim Harrison’s Ever After in hardback on sale in the UK, so I ordered from Barnes & Noble in USA. I am still waiting for it to arrive, despite spending over $18.00 for priority airmail. Nor is it available on Kindle in UK. Why?

  2. When is Ever After released in the UK? I cannot find it as a hard back or even an Ebook. I am getting quite annoyed that no one in any uk book shops seems to know it is released. It is not on your web site or Kim Harrison’s. Please can you advise when us Brits can by the book.

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