Another update on the digital submissions! As per the previous update post, we received 4500+ entries, and by early March we had responded to 2905 entries.

We have now reviewed all the submissions in our inbox and responded to 3595 submissions that were not right for our list. The remaining 948 are marked for further reading and consideration.

We are continuing to review the remaining entries as quickly as we can, and will  update you again in a few weeks. As before, if you have a question as to your status or would like to pull your submission, please email us at voyagersubmissions(at)


  1. Just wanted to let people know that I got a reply to one of my email inquiries today. My novel is still under consideration.

    Don’t lose hope. They’re still plugging away at it.

  2. Well ladies and gents, I never got a response back to my status request email sent weeks ago, but I did get my rejection today… So they’re still going. I can also confirm that 2 manuscripts get 2 rejections, not 1 for all of them, lol. Good luck to all those still in the pot, I wish you all the best!! :)

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  4. Dear Harper Voyager,

    It’s okay if you still haven’t gotten through the whole second phase. We just want to know where you’re at. 400 left? Starting from scratch now that your staff has been apparently overhauled?!

    (It would also be nice to know what you’re actually doing, so we can stop speculating whether you’re reading full manuscripts, what order you’re reading in, how many a week you’re reading… :p)

  5. Well darn, woke up to the most glorious sunny day only to open my emails and discover the ‘better luck next time’ email. Oh well, time to move on to other avenues and the best of luck to those still under consideration.

  6. Hmm. So that’s roughly 950 readable novels they’ve been sitting on for nearly a year, preventing them from going to other publishers/agents…

    • HV said a long time ago that anyone who wished to move on was free to do so and they would understand. HV has prevented no one from subbing to other pubs…

      • ‘Preventing’ is perhaps too strong a word. I feel they are doing a lot of dangling though.

        Ah, but you’re right. I’m being way too cynical; I should be a bit more grateful for the opportunity.

  7. Bit of a sad day.
    I submitted on day one and waited months, just like the rest of you. And like some of you, sent inquiries every few months to check if my submission was even received.
    Finally got a response.
    They never got my submission.

    • Hi KC,

      Sorry you had to go through that. That is honestly ever author’s nightmare – waiting for months just to be let known they never even looked at your manuscript. I was wondering as I read your story – did you receive a confirmation email? Because if you have, every author who hasn’t heard anything is also in trouble.

      • I worried that something like that had happened to mine, so I emailed them last Feb and received a response saying that my work was under consideration. I haven’t heard anything since except of course these updates.

        • Same here – I received a confirmation of receipt in October, almost immediately after sending, then emailed in Feb. and got a response saying my ms was under consideration. Have emailed several times since with NO response. Grrr.

    • I’m so sorry that happened.

      Did you get a confirmation email, or did you submit while the system was malfunctioning with the confirmation emails? That really sucks :(

      • I got an email months ago to say my MS was still being considered but that was all. An update would be nice, just a few lines to say they are still considering 123 MS or something.

        • Was that because you asked, or just an email that they sent, because I’ve heard absolutely nothing since the initial confirmation email (and the updates on this site). I really want an update, though, so I can estimate how much longer this is going to take.

  8. I’m going to start getting a little snippy, I’m afraid. I don’t mind the wait – okay, I do – and I understand the amount of work involved – more or less, which doesn’t excuse living in a time warp – but “a few weeks” doesn’t mean “a few months” when we’re all waiting for an update.

    Not to mention three emails with no response at all.

    And for those who keep saying “thanks” – you know, for leaving us hanging – and counseling patience, I really hope someone at HV reads that and gives you a break on your submission. I suspect most of us are pretty irritated right now.

    • I expect them to be making an update now that Comic Con is finished. And would be rather surprised if they didn’t. But it does seem there are still QUITE a few submissions that have not received any word back, good or bad.

      They might have decided to change their policy again though and just go about responding to the ones they are interested in. Or you know, it could be a pretty hard choice. They do have to narrow down 5000ish submissions to what… like 12 or something? Maybe a couple dozen. Even if they got it down to 100 left it’s still a hard choice.

      It’s not like they are JUST reading them and replying (even though that ALONE is a lot).

      • Yeah, I haven’t yet got anything, or a reply to an email I sent around a month ago asking about my submission. Having heard nothing AT ALL, I’m quite worried that my manuscript may have slipped through the cracks or something.

        I’m still prepared to be patient, though. I know they’ve been very busy recently.

  9. Calm down people. HV is working as fast as they can. I would rather they take their time than to rush through a stack of manuscripts…

    • I bet you imagined HV smiling as they read your faithful comment. You can keep their smiles, I prefer to amuse myself with talk of TP.

  10. For those wondering – I received my “Better luck next time” letter yesterday, so they are still reading. Good luck to those still in the running!

  11. I’d guess that the first round was determined primarily on your query/synopsis. At this point, they’ll winnow down the list from 900+ to less than 100 based on the writing sample. From there, you’ll get editors actually reading full manuscripts, and they’ll read them until they know they don’t want them, or all the way through, if they’re of the quality HV is accustomed to/wants to acquire. At that point, you’re probably left with 20-30 good candidates and they’ll have to have an editorial meeting/acquistions board to see what titles have the biggest commercial appeal, in order to get down to the 12 titles they originally sought. This is all my opinion, of course, but it’s the only way I can see three editors (with probably a handful of assistants/interns helping on the initial two stages) getting through 4500 entries in less than a year.

  12. I understand that it’s tough to wait, but we must remember that there are three main people in charge of the review process. Do the have associates to read the submissions, or are they doing it themselves? If they are reading submissions – even up to the point where they give up on one – its a big job. Assuming they divide the work up each one still has to look at 316 book. One a day for a year? They must have help. But even then ——- ?

  13. I hope this doesn’t sound insensitive but I was wondering…has anyone received a rejection in the last month? I’m scared I got one and missed it somehow. What do they look like?

  14. I’ve sent 2 emails to inquire where my submission stands (or if they even got the thing) but have yet to get a response. The waiting and wondering is making me old before my time.

  15. Many thanks Harper Voyager for reviewing all our work and keeping us posted. I look forward to hearing back about my submission. Best wishes to the folks still under consideration!

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  17. MUCH appreciation for the update. I’ve been holding off any commenting the past few months (something to do with thinking it’s bad luck or something), but now it seems that I have a reason to continue keeping my fingers crossed. I look forward to the next update, and again, THANK YOU, HV, for your hard work. And good luck to the folks still under consideration!

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  19. I really appreciate the update and delighted to find I’m in this latest group. Not that I have great expectations but it’s good to be at least considered. Thank you.

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