Icons blog tour: Competition time!


To celebrate publication of Margaret Stohl’s fantastic new book, Icons, we have been running a blog tour this week. Revealing a little bit about each of the characters from the book, we are thrilled to finish off the week with THE LOVER!

Visit the rest of the stops on the book tour and get to know the other icons below:

To finish off the tour, we are running a little competition to win six fantastic YA novels, including Icons, Meg Cabot’s Insatiable, Lauren deStefano’s Wither, Megan Shepherd’s Madman’s Daughter, Janet Edwards’ Earth Girl and Abigail Gibbs’ The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire.

Voyager competition image

To enter, just leave a comment telling us what makes a great heroine and we’ll choose one winner at random.

All entries must be in by midnight on 23rd May 2013 and this competition is open to UK entrants only.

Watch the trailer for Icons below and pick it up on Amazon or at your local bookshop.

20 thoughts on “Icons blog tour: Competition time!

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  2. My ideal herione is a girl/woman who is strong and will fight for whats right
    Also who will not be affraid to show her feelings and ask for help but be strong at the same time
    She has emotiomnal ties to her family and will fight for them no matter what
    And will not use her feminin ways to get her way

  3. Grit and determination against the odds; to see justice done; not to accept defeat; never to leave friends or family behind if they’re in danger; refusal to be intimidated; willing to make sacrifices for the greater good; unselfish; self-effacing – a humble (ish) winner and definitely not a sore loser; skills take priority over appearance; and with at least a hint of attitude problem :) Just the start of a short list :) x

  4. A heroine takes decisive action. They focus on what will go right as a result of their actions as opposed to what might go wrong. They are brave, courageous and self-sacrificing, honest and true. They are immensely inspirational and even though you may not match their attributes you can still race along in the journey with them. They don’t merely entertain you on paper but also support you, teach you, make you see and experience life through different eyes and give you strength in your own life.

  5. A great heroine is someone who is independant but not afraid to ask for help, someone who is strong minded but who knows when she has made a mistake. She is able to love and care but is not a push over, she is smart but not a no it all, she is human and not perfect, smart but not a know it all. Someone you can look up to but also relate to.

  6. A great heroine is one that is enough unlike me that I want to be her, but enough like me that I could be her.

  7. A great heroine is exactly the same as a great hero – someone with their own interests and personality, determined to keep going despite the obstacles in their way, and doing the right thing, even if it takes some time to figure out what that is. Her gender makes less of a difference to her character and plot than her personality and actions do.

  8. Independence!! There’s nothing worse than the cardboard cut-out heroines who rely on the buff, brooding men to get them out of all manner of scrapes. The really strong, fascinating heroines are the ones who can rock a plot on their own…

  9. For me, I just love a good sense of humour. The more sarcasm and laughter that is included the better. I love when the lead has someone to bounce of or tease and torment. The fantastic sense of camaraderie that some books have between the main and other characters that you get in some books is what really attracts me.

    Heroines don’t need to have a deep and scared past but some mystery keeps things interesting.

    One thing I do hate. The insincere ‘I’m not beautiful’ even when they are. If a heroine has been beaten down by her past and truly believes this, you can tell, but it’s clear when it’s only used to try and get the reader to like/relate to the character more.

  10. A heroine to me:

    She should be strong-willed with a graceful touch,
    Have a history to shaped her, whilst growing up.
    Be able to question the unimaginable despite her beliefs,
    And see her heart in others relief.
    She should find courage in her darkest hours,
    and battle with unruly powers.
    Motivate when morale runs down,
    Lead deep into tunnels under the ground.
    Fight tirelessly when the odd are against her,
    and be fearless in the faces of the demons that haunt her.
    Trust in her instincts without shame,
    and be able to love, despite past agonies and pain.

    By Anna-Marie Young :) , Good Luck everyone!

  11. A great heroine who is someone who is exactly the same as me or you. She’s not “special”, she’s good at some things, not at others. She’s got traits you like and traits you don’t – you probably don’t like them because they are ones you see in yourself and don’t like! She’s beautiful because you know her and care about her not because of her features. And when push comes to shove her natural character and instinct will make her do the right thing… most of the time. Because she’ll make mistakes but she’ll learn from them and move on. Because she’s just like us and we’ve all done something that is heroic to somebody even if we don’t know it ourselves.

  12. A great heroine is one who, regardless of her background, her mission or her situation, makes you wish that you were right there alongside her, fighting her cause.

  13. A great heroine will have a past, which maybe mysterious or painful, which will direct her life and choices. She will know her own mind, and not be intimidated by any thing or any person.
    She will be brave and a born leader, and will have a vulnerable spot which will rear up occasionally from time to time, much to her dismay, but the vulnerability only serves to make her stronger, and strengthen her actions and her ethics.

  14. I think that a great heroine needs to be a woman who is both strong and sensitive. I believe she should be multi-layered as all women are, but with a certain kind of strength unique to her – whether it be her compassion, her leadership or even her physical strength. To me, heroines can be just as effective as their male counterparts, even more so in my opinion; the great ones have that burning dedication and courage yet still retain a sense of delicacy, of femininity.

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