The Winds of Winter

Unfortunately we don’t have a publication date for you yet (we’ll let you know as soon as it’s confirmed!), but we do have the first chapter of The Winds of Winter, the next instalment in George R R Martin’s epic series, A Song of Ice and Fire, to share with you.

Download the PDF here.

This chapter originally appeared on George’s website but we have made it available to you in a PDF format to send to your eReader.


*Please note: this text is not final and may change between now and the publication of the finished book.

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A Song of Ice and Fire

5 thoughts on “The Winds of Winter

  1. Pls publish book 6 as soon as you can. My daughter & I have a theory that Jon Snow is not Ned Starks son. We think his parents are Rhaegar Targayen & Lyanna Stark – we are re-reading the other books to check for clues. What do other fans think?

    • I don’t think so, in a storm of sword lord edric dayne tells arya that he and jon were both nursed by jon’s mother a woman named wylla.


      Yes. You are correct. When Ned thinks back to promising Lyanna something, it is that he will never reveal to Robert or anyone else that Jon Snow is Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son. Robert would have killed him. And many of the Targaryan enemies would have killed him as an heir to the Iron Throne. By promising to claim Jon as his own bastard son and keeping Lyanna’s secret, Ned won the Game of Thrones. yay Ned!

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