Enter to win a free 3-day NY Comic Con pass!

New York Comic Con is just one month away (October 10-13) and we will be there along with some of our fabulous Voyager authors! Now you can join us by winning a FREE 3-day pass in today’s giveaway! Enter to win by answering the following question:

What are your go-to sources for sci-fi/fantasy/horror book recommendations? 

Answer below in the comments section, or Tweet your response to us @HarperVoyagerUS by 3 p.m. EST and you could win! We will select three winners at random.

*Open to U.S. only*

20 thoughts on “Enter to win a free 3-day NY Comic Con pass!

  1. Thank you to everyone who entered to win this Friday’s giveaway! We have contacted the lucky winners directly! Best of luck in our next giveaway!

  2. Honestly, Harper Voyager on my facebook feed has lead me to some great recommendations. Also, Kim Harrison on my feed has never done me wrong:)

  3. My sons friend Kelly knows her fantasy books really well! She’s especially a big fan of twilight! We go to her for any of our Fantasy book needs! We really want to go to comic con!

  4. I like io9.com “Bookshelf Injection” where they give you a list of the months upcoming sci-fi and fantasy releases with little blurbs about each book. Other article on io9 often talk about classic sic-fi authors or books that I have not read as I am in my early 30s. This is how I discovered Octavia Butler, who is now one of my all time favorites.

  5. I have a small group of friends whose opinions I trust, my brother who got me into this whole mess to begin with, and then my Facebook feed where Mr Feist, Ms Lackey, Mr Sanderson, Tor and of course Harper give me some fine advice.

  6. My knowledgeable friend Kelly knows all about sci-fi/fantasy books! Shes big into the twilight series (shes team Edward) and always gives me the best recs!

  7. Since I have a Nook, I usually go to the “customers who bought this also bought…..” portion of the BN.com website. I still go to bookstores though, and walk through the aisles. That’s how I discovered Kim Harrison, and she is the only author whose series I’ve read multiple times. Love the Hollows.

  8. I love Harper Voyager’s presence on Facebook and I love Kim Harrison books. would love to go to NYC comic con :-) family members have gone in the past and loved it

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