Kim Harrison’s THE UNDEAD POOL cover reveal continues all week!

Over on Kim Harrison’s Facebook page and her blog, you will find, piece by piece, the cover of the twelfth Hollows novel THE UNDEAD POOL! Each day, Kim is revealing a new piece of the puzzle! Here’s what’s been revealed so far… final post/full cover will be revealed on Friday, September 20th!


3 thoughts on “Kim Harrison’s THE UNDEAD POOL cover reveal continues all week!

  1. EG: My question is when are the Rs in the House going to frolamly charge Holder for knowing or should have known about the programs in Mexico and Honduras? My view is that he is criminally negligent at best and more likely he is/was actively involved and therefore criminally vulnerable. Intentionally allowing guns to be smuggled into the hands of known criminals is a crime and needs to be punished accordingly. I actually believe this goes all the way to PF/Valerie Jarrett; it fits the profile, ie get things so screwed up that the people demand that something be done and that will be a gun grab or something of the like.

    • How can you tell? Half the cover is still missing. Maybe they’ll have buttered biscuits instead of heads. Maybe it’s not Trent. Maybe its Al and he’s checking out her bum. You never know… until a few days from now. But even then I bet you’ll be disappointed, because it sounds like you take covers very, very seriously. But you know what they say about book covers…

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