You can win a grab-bag of Voyager goodies!

It’s another Friday giveaway here at Voyager, but this week is an extra special one! We have two exclusive Harper Voyager tote bags STUFFED with fantastic HarperCollins books and swag – advanced reader’s copies, temporary tattoos, pins and more!

Inside the bag you’ll find a great selection of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, and mystery titles. There’s even an online sampler of our newest books, which gives you a sneak peek at what’s to come. You can even deck yourself out with a DEAD RUN tattoo while you read through these titles.

Enter to win by 6 p.m. EST by leaving a comment below, or by RT us on Twitter – @HarperVoyagerUS! Good luck! Two winners will be randomly selected and contacted directly. (Open to U.S. only.)

238 thoughts on “You can win a grab-bag of Voyager goodies!

  1. Harper Voyager Books puts out all of my favorites. I’m hoping they will publish my book. Almost done Harper.
    P.S. They main character of my book is named Harper. Coincidence????

  2. How great is this a collection of books i might not have picked out on my own. But would read anyway.Getting to try new things is fun

  3. I’m a newbie to your site (having just discovered it less than an hour ago) and nearly missed out on being able to participate in this incredible giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all those that enter!!

  4. Just seeing the stack of book spines and other goodies makes me want to take a closer look at those titles — winning would make that real easy for me :D

  5. It would be really cool to win this bag of goods. There are a couple of authors that would be new to me. I am always ready to read from someone else. Thank you all for what you guys do, please keep up all the hard work. I will be looking out for the new titles.

  6. Fun Fact: In 1842 Abraham Lincoln was challenged to a duel by Illinois state legislator, James Shields. By the rules of dueling, Lincoln was allowed to choose the terms. At first he requested “horse dung at five paces,” but finally chose broad swords, which gave the 6’4” future President a huge advantage over the 5’9” Shields, who called the duel off when Lincoln cut a branch from a tree above his head.

  7. I would totally love to find some new authors! And if there happens to be a Kim Harrison book in the bag, I won’t be complaining :)

  8. Nothing completes me like a weekend full of bound written words and the potential to discover a new author I can’t live without. =)

  9. I need new books! I am out of fresh reading material and have resorted to re-reading (which I do all the time anyway, but I always like NEW material to read!

    Thanks for the chance…

  10. :D A tote dedicated just for books sounds great. Fill it with free books… now it’s awesome :D I’m a huge fan of your author Robin Hobb! If I win, feel free to throw one of her’s in there :)

  11. I NEEEEEEED new books!!! I have been re-reading Kim Harrison and Jim Butcher… don’t get me wrong, I will STILL re-read both series; however, it would be a nice change of pace to read something new. :)

  12. Looking for new books for my son. These would be a great way to introduce him to non school books. The titles I see are good ones.

  13. Would love to win such a fabulous giveaway, especially with the holidays coming up and PTO from work, it’s the perfect getaway! Please consider me for entry, thank you!

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