You could win the whole Felix Gomez series!

To celebrate this Friday the 13th, we’ve got two sets of Mario Acevedo’s Felix Gomez adventure series to giveaway!

The five books that comprise Acevedo’s hardboiled vampire detective series can be yours if you enter below by leaving a comment, or by RT us on Twitter: @HarperVoyagerUS! The giveaway ends at 6 p.m. today, so hurry!


Felix Gomez went to Iraq a soldier. He came back a vampire. So begins this adventure series with Felix when the undead underworld put his skills to work as a private detective, specializing in the sordid, the sexy, and the supernatural. Felix gets tangled up with aliens, nymphomaniacs, werewolves, bloodsuckers, zombies, and more. These books reveal the bizarre world of the undead with a humorous slant and a fresh twist.

Open to U.S. only.

100 thoughts on “You could win the whole Felix Gomez series!

  1. I Love this series. Felix Gomez is a rare treat hero, gritty and gutsy and human (for a vampire) . I’d read any book this author writes.

  2. Trust something Mario’s involved with to leave us with a mystery, a feeling of horror, and also a laugh. Since I’m in Colorado, and Rocky Flats, for example, is in Colorado, I’m going to assume the giveaway ends at six Colorado time. And it’s only two minutes after five, Colorado time. So here’s hoping you select someone at random and not based on some goofy “merit” kind of thing, in which case my name will be in the hat along with everyone else. Of course, if it’s a big corporation “rules are rules” Department of Motor Vehicle kind of a deal, and you’re basing the cutoff time on your own watch in some eastern location, I’m already too late. In which case, forget I said anything. But can you validate my parking sticker? Thanks.

  3. Hope it is not too late, depends on what 6 pm you are looking at. I would love to win the set of books. Never enough reading material.

  4. Vampires and all creatures of the night fascinate me. I would love the opportunity to read this series. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  5. I had borrowed the first of these, but I never got to read it! I would love to have the whole series since I’m sure i could finish it while on Christmas break. :)

  6. Love this series! Would love to “find” them wrapped under the tree to me from “Santa.”
    I am giving the first in the series out as a gift this year to introduce friend to great series and Author!

  7. I enjoyed reading the first book, but I was never able to get the funds to get the other ones. It’s great to see that he wrote five of them!!

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