Signed Copies of Kim Harrison’s THE UNDEAD POOL

Kim Harrison’s penultimate Hollows novel THE UNDEAD POOL is out in just a month!  But you can order your copy in advance… you can even order a SIGNED first edition!

Signed first edition copies from Nicola’s (be sure to make a note that you want a signed copy and if you want it personalized let them know what name it should be made out to) are available, as are a limited number of copies on Barnes & Noble’s website (note: these are not personalized).

Purchase from Nicola’s

Purchase from

 PS: Dont’ forget about the Hollows read-along! Kim’s on PALE DEMON now! 

2 thoughts on “Signed Copies of Kim Harrison’s THE UNDEAD POOL

  1. I can’t read the first three chapters, because I’m waiting for the book. It will ruin it for me. I read the first page only. I can’t wait for the book to come out. I love your books. Love your writing ! Never put your books down. That you for writing them. Yvette

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