34 thoughts on “Exclusive excerpt: Chapters 1-3 of Kim Harrison’s THE UNDEAD POOL.

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  8. I have to wait if i read the first few chapters i will be nuts)ok more nuts) by the time the book comes out. better to just wait. Then read it all.

  9. Hello all! This is Harper Voyager here. Out utmost apologies for this. We had a bug in our auto sampling system and now we have gone the route of Scribd to get this to you. Chapters 1-3. All there. Enjoy and again, thank you for your patience and understanding!

  10. Hmmm…went from Chap 2 to chap 5–not sure where chapter 3 is. Maybe they’re numbered wrong? I didn’t read the chapter–I’m one of those who hates reading out of order. :)

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