Celebrate the weekend with our giveaway

Congratulations, you’ve made it to Friday! We’re celebrating with a random Voyager backlist giveaway! Five lucky winners will get a selection of books from our backlist, giving you the chance to dive in to some of our most treasured titles.

This mysterious selection can be yours if you enter below by leaving a comment, or RT us on Twitter: @HarperVoyagerUS! The giveaway ends at 6 p.m. EST. Good luck! The winners will be selected at random and contacted directly.

Open to U.S. only.

72 thoughts on “Celebrate the weekend with our giveaway

  1. Always looking for another great author to read. The only thing better than starting a new adventure to somewhere is do it for free. :) Love your give aways….Thank You!

  2. I would love to win a give away just for the fun of winning. And of course the books. I love books and am always looking for new authors because I sure read them faster tha anyone can write them.

  3. A chance to win a blind date with a book! And valentine’s day right around the corner, what a happy coincidence!

  4. I always can use new books, as I devour all that come in to my reach. At my age, who knows when it will end, or the eyes will go.

  5. Books are our friend. They go great with this extra cold, snowy days, a blanket, cat on the lap and cup f tea. Aaahhhh, books

  6. I would love to win the books; with two broken appliances, a foundation that needs fixing, and a baby on the way, I’ve lost my book budget for the next few months, and I’m dying to have new material to read before I get stuck on bedrest full time.

  7. Oh sweet, a mysterious selection is as exciting as going on a blind date. One doesn’t know what to expect but the thrill of the unknown is ever present!

  8. For someone who is down and out with a broken foot and a recent root canal that has knocked my further on my a$$, winning something new to read would be fabulous!

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