Win a copy of ARCHON by Sabrina Benulis

In anticipation of the sequel coming out in two weeks, we’re giving away 5 copies of the first Book of Raziel, ARCHON, by Sabrina Benulis!

The sequel, COVENANT, comes out on Tuesday, April 1! You can pre-order your copy now.

About Archon: Angels and demons battle for a girl possessed by the spirit of a powerful, dead angel in this fabulous paranormal debut. Archon is new wave urban fantasy, a tale of the supernatural that brilliantly blends passion, obsession, horror, and suspense in a way that will appeal to dark fantasy fans and paranormal romance readers equally. Sabrina Benulis’s angels are creepy, sexy, and totally awesome—and, like Anne Rice’s amoral, ambiguous, and addicting vampires, they will seduce and terrify you at the same time.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below, or RT us on Twitter: @HarperVoyagerUS! The giveaway ends today at 6 p.m. EST. Good luck! The winners will be selected at random and contacted directly.

Open to U.S. only

62 thoughts on “Win a copy of ARCHON by Sabrina Benulis

  1. Never heard of this before, but it sounds like something I’d like. I’ll just have to go out an buy it if I don’t win. :)

  2. Thank-you for a GREAT #Giveaway!! I love to read! It’s liking taking trips all around the world w/o ever living your own home. :)

  3. Wow this sounds like something up my alley, and I have been looking for something new to read. I will definitely be checking out this book.

  4. I do try not to judge books by their covers so to speak, however this one looks pretty sweet! I’d love to win a copy of Archon!

  5. Is it super religious? Or are the angels and demons just kind of portrayed as another supernatural type creature? I’d love to read it and find out.

  6. ARCHON sounds amazing — right up my alley! (Now that Meljean Brook’s Guardian series is over, I’d love to get hooked on another series like this.)

  7. I loved this book. I’ve been super excited about the next one to come out. Now I’m even more excited to find out that it comes out in 2 weeks. Must re-read this one. :)

  8. I loved the first book, and would love to win the second. I love that Harper Voyager does so many of these give aways!

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