THE WITCH WITH NO NAME: Chapter Three Reveal!

AHHH! Chapter 3 sneak peek from Kim Harrison’s THE WITCH WITH NO NAME!

Want to pre-order the book so you have it to read right away on publication date (September 9, 2014)?

B&N Signed *not much left, order now!
Nicola’s *signed from Kim’s home store!

(You can read Chapters 1 and 2 here on Kim’s site!)

THE WITCH WITH NO NAME Chapter 3 Excerpt

9 thoughts on “THE WITCH WITH NO NAME: Chapter Three Reveal!

  1. It shows up in some foreign language that I don’t understand nor can read! Kim doesn’t have Chapter 3 on her website so if you could please fix this, it would be much appreciated.

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  3. I go to scrub to read the chapter and the print isn’t totally on the “white page”. The format is shifted and unreadable. It also doesn’t allow me to enlarge the page like I normally can on my Motorola phone.

  4. Oh, wow. Am I just incredibly slow today or did that meeting of all these characters not make any sense? I thought they would try to get Ivy some help.

  5. I was trying to copy chapter 3 on to another sheet of paper (so I can enlarge the print) and when I do this it comes out in german or some other language.

    Any ideas why? and How can I copy chapter three?

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