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Robin Hobb's Blood of Dragons now available! Tour dates and more…

Blood of Dragons, the final installation of the Rain Wild Chronicles, is out in the States today!

Robin Hobb will be touring to promote the book too! See if she’s coming to your town below. If not, do not fear, as she will be doing two online events as well. First, she’ll be on all day of April 11th (this Thursday!) for an Author Chat on Goodreads and will be doing a Reddit AMA chat on April 16th.

 In Person Signings/Events:

UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE: Seattle 04/10/2013 – Bookstore Event

UNCLE HUGO’S: Minneapolis 04/13/2013 01:00 PM – Bookstore Event

MYSTERIOUS GALAXY: Los Angeles 04/19/2013 07:00 PM – Bookstore Event/

LA TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS: Los Angeles 04/21/2013 11:00 AM – There Be Dragons! LATFOB Fiction Panel

BARNES AND NOBLE: Seattle 04/22/2013 07:00 PM – World Book Night

BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY: Boston 04/30/2013 06:00 PM – Bookstore Event/Signing

TUMWATER TIMBERLAND LIBRARY: Washington State 06/01/2013 Event

HYPERICON: Tennessee 06/15-17 HYPERICON: Tennessee Guest of Honor

BOOKMARKS FESTIVAL: North Carolina 09/07/2013 – Speaker for Festival

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Hobb, Kadrey at Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY – June 29th – July 1st

Robin Hobb and Richard Kadrey are in Louisville this weekend as Guests of Honor at Fandom Fest. Pop in and see them if you’re in the area.

Galt House Hotel

140 North 4th St

Louisville, KY 40202


Friday, June 29, 2012

7:00 PM - Panel: Exploring Genres – Fantasy

An open panel discussion looking at the Fantasy genre as a whole, past, present, and future, with an emphasis on the current writing/publishing trends in fantasy at the moment.

Location: Beckham Room

Co-panelists: Michael Williams, D.A. Adams, Laura Resnick, Jim C. Hines, and Carol Malcolm.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

11:30 AM – Panel: Exploring Genres – Epic Fantasy

This one will take a close look at Epic Fantasy, with a little more time spent on defining what Epic Fantasy is, highlighting some premium examples, and speculating on where Epic Fantasy appears to be headed.

Location: Beckham Room

Co-panelists: Carol Malcolm, H. David Blalock, Terry W. Ervin, Gail Z Martin, and Laura Resnick.


4:00 PM – Spotlight on Robin Hobb

Location: Jones Room
Moderator: Lee Martindale (writer/editor who serves on the Board of Directors at


Sunday, July 1, 2012

12:00 PM – Guest of Honor Signing

Location: Expo Area/Joseph-Beth Booth (signing)



Saturday, June 30, 2012

11:30 AM – Spotlight on Richard Kadrey

This session will focus on Richard’s writing and career, what he has done, what is going on with him now, and what lies ahead. There will be some time for fielding questions from the audience.

Location: Jones Room

Moderator: John Horner Jacobs


2:00 PM – Guest of Honor Signing

Location: Expo Area/Joseph-Beth Booth


4:30 PM - Panel: Exploring Genres – Urban Fantasy

A look at Urban Fantasy, what it is, where it is right now in the publishing
world, and what lies just ahead.

Location: Beckham Room

Co-panelists: James Tuck, Kimberly Richardson, Angie Fox, Carol Malcolm, and Rachel Smith



Sunday, July 1, 2012

1:00 PMPanel: The Big 6 & Traditional Press’s Place

This panel features a number of major press authors discussing the place of traditional
publishing within the modern publishing climate, in light of all the changes that have been taking place in the industry.

Location: Beckham Room

Co-panelists: James Tuck, Shirley Damsgaard, Laura Resnick, and Michael Williams.



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War of the Words

We’re thrilled to kick off March with the paperback release of Spellbound, the sequel to Blake Charlton’s thrilling and original Spellwright – set in a world where words are power and literally fly off the page. Old faces from Spellwright return, and a fresh cast of intriguing characters mingle to form a compelling new story:

Francesca DeVega is a successful healer in the city of Avel, wielding magical text to close wounds and disspell curses, but her life is thrown into chaos when a dead patient suddenly sits up and tells her to run. Now Francesca is in the middle of a game she doesn’t understand, one that ties her to the notorious rogue wizard, Nicodemus Weal, and brings her face to face with demons, demigods, and a man she thought she’d never see again.

It has been ten years since Nicodemus Weal escaped the Starhaven Academy, where he was considered disabled and useless, where he battled the demon who stole his birthright and killed his friends. Unable to use the magical languages of his own people, Nico has honed his skills in the dark language of the kobolds, readying himself for his next encounter with the demon. But there are complications: his mentor suffers from an incurable curse, his half-sister’s agents are hunting him, and he’s still not sure what part Francesca DeVega will play. He certainly doesn’t know what to make of Francesca herself….

Introducing new twists to the unique magical system of Spellwright and uncovering more sinister dangers, Spellbound is sure to please Blake Charlton’s fans and earn him new ones.

If you want to know more about the man behind Spellbound, visit Blake’s blog – it’s a fun mix of his musings on Amazon and tanning salons, progress in his medical studies (a man of many talents!) and serious, considered essays – there’s a great piece up recently on Writing Strong Women.

For a sneak preview of Blake’s talent, check out his free short story Endosymbiont – a sci-fi novelette about a young woman struggling with brain cancer, whose normal hospital routine is interrupted  when she beings to suspect that she’s been put into a hospital for the dead. And if you missed out on the first title in the series, Spellwright, there’s no better time to dive into the first four chapters and get in on the action.

Fall under Blake’s spell and order Spellbound from the following online retailers – or buy it at any good bookstore from March 1st.

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Have a question for Robin Hobb? Join her Livestream event tomorrow, February 7th!


Tomorrow, February 7th at 10pm EST, New York Times bestselling author Robin Hobb–author of the upcoming CITY OF DRAGONS—will be chatting live from University Books in Seattle! Join the event to ask Robin a question:

Join Robin Hobb’s Livestream Event

If you can’t tune in live, don’t worry—post your question below and we’ll pass it along in advance! And be sure to check out CITY OF DRAGONS, which goes on sale tomorrow (US/AUS) and April 23rd (UK).

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Read the next chapter from Robin Hobb’s upcoming new novel CITY OF DRAGONS!


Can’t wait to keep reading Robin Hobb’s upcoming new novel CITY OF DRAGONS? You’re in luck — Chapter 2 is now available!

City of Dragons, Chapter 2

And if you haven’t read the Prologue or Chapter 1 yet, now’s the time to catch up:

City of Dragons, Prologue

City of Dragons, Chapter 1

To read the whole book, pre-order CITY OF DRAGONS, on sale next Tuesday, February 7th!!

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Winners of the Year of the Dragon Robin Hobb Giveaway!

We want to give a big thank you to the more than 300 people who commented to help usher in the Year of the Dragon with Robin Hobb! And now here are the lucky 10 winners of Robin’s new hardcover, CITY OF DRAGONS, as well as the paperbacks of volumes one and two: DRAGON HAVEN and

Andrea Burns
Isabella van Veen
Kelly Golding
Melissa Skorupa
Norm Finlayson
Aaron Proferes
Amanda Cole
Nikki Diaz
Michael Jones
Josh Griswold

Congratulations to our winners! Please email “eosbooks AT harpercollins DOT com” with your mailing address, and we’ll send your prize to you.

Thanks again to everyone who commented! And be sure to pre-order CITY OF DRAGONS, on sale February 7th.



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Read the next installment of Robin Hobb’s upcoming new novel CITY OF DRAGONS!

You’ve read the prologue–now here’s chapter one of Robin Hobb’s upcoming new novel CITY OF DRAGONS! The book is on sale February 7th, but we couldn’t wait to share the first few chapters with all of you. Enjoy the prologue and chapter one, then check back next week for chapter two!

City of Dragons, Prologue

City of Dragons, Chapter 1

To read the whole book, pre-order CITY OF DRAGONS, on sale February 7th (US/AUS) and April 23rd (UK)

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Year of the Dragon Robin Hobb Giveaway!


Volume three of Robin Hobb’s Rain Wilds Chronicles: CITY OF DRAGONS is on sale February 7, but leave us a comment for a chance to win one of ten early copies of the new hardcover as well as paperback editions of volumes one and two: DRAGON HAVEN and DRAGON KEEPER.

Read this prologue to whet your appetite, comment by Monday, January 30th for your chance to win, and check for another post Tuesday announcing the winners!

City of Dragons – Prologue

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Your first look at Robin Hobb’s upcoming new novel CITY OF DRAGONS!


 We know you’ve been waiting for it: volume three of Robin Hobb’s Rain Wilds Chronicles: CITY OF DRAGONS! On sale February 7. Can’t wait another minute to read it? You’re in luck! We’ve got the first chapter here for you to preview! Check back next week for another chapter too! 

Dragons once again inhabit the world of the Rain Wilds. But unlike their ancestors, these creatures are half-formed, flightless, and unable to feed or care for themselves. Their only hope for survival is to return to Kelsingera, their ancient, mythical homeland. Helpless to make the dangerous trek along the toxic and inhospitable Rain Wild River alone, the dragons are accompanied by a rag-tag group of human keepers. Overcoming tragedy, hardship, fear, and mistrust, the dragons and humans form deep, abiding bonds that unite them in unexpected ways.

But those bonds will be severely tested during the journey’s final days. The lost city can only be reached by flight—a test of endurance and skill beyond the strength of these stunted creatures. Desperate and losing hope, they must search the depths of their ancestral memories for the knowledge that might save them. But time is running out, not only for the dragons, but for their human keepers as well.

City of Dragons – Prologue

 To read the whole book, pre-order CITY OF DRAGONS, on sale 7/2/2012 (US/AUS) and 23/04/2012 (UK)!

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Robin Hobb on writing dragons, Anne McCaffrey, and epic fantasy at

Check out this fabulous Q&A with Robin Hobb at, in which she talks about Anne McCaffrey’s enduring legacy, dragons, epic fantasy, and her upcoming book CITY OF DRAGONS.