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Coming soon: The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister

Published in the UK this Christmas, The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister showcases the best and most humorous quotes from George R.R. Martin’s favourite character Tyrion Lannister, the worldly, jaded, funny, highly intelligent, cynical, womanizing star of the books. A perfect stocking-filler for every fan of the books, and of HBO’s award-winning television series. Get a sneak peek inside the book, with these sample spreads below.

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Win a beautiful set of posters featuring quotes from George R R Martin

Earlier this year, we ran a poll through the A Game of Thrones – A Song of Ice and Fire Facebook page to find readers’ favourite quotes from the books. The votes have been cast and your top 3 quotes from the A Song of Ice and Fire series have now been chosen, so now it’s time to reveal our plans for these memorable lines…

To celebrate the page reaching over 500,000 fans, we have created some beautiful limited edition prints, and we’re giving 50 of you the chance to win the full set of three. To find out how you could win this set for your walls and to enter, head over here. This competition closes 26th August 2013 and is open to UK entrants only.

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Raymond E. Feist and George R.R. Martin coming to Supanova Australia this year!

Well, it’s official folks! 2013 is shaping up to be Voyager Australia’s biggest event year EVER. Not only is Raymond E. Feist’s generation-spanning saga of Pug the Magician coming full cycle this year, but he will be touring Australia in June, including 2 big Supanovas in Sydney and Perth! But wait, there’s more! Everyone’s favourite Greek fisherman’s cap wearing author of A Song of Ice and Fire, and probably the biggest fantasy author in the world right now, George R.R. Martin will be coming to Supanova in November as well!

Here’s Supanova’s official statement yesterday: “And in another coup for fans of literature, our triple play of authors is complete with our June star just outing himself today as well. We have Tad Williams in April, George R.R. Martin in November, and now it gives us the pleasure of allowing him to out himself, the imperious chronicler of one of the world’s favourite fantasy-lands, The Magician’s, Raymond E. Feist! In an additional supa-bonus, not only can Supanova fans catch him at our expos in Sydney and Perth, but fans in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne will also have their chance to see him (details to be confirmed). Its going to be epic!”

AND Raymond E Feist’s post on his Facebook page:

See more Early tour info: OK, this is what I know this weekend.  I’ll be passing along more info when I get it. Don’t ask if I am coming to your city because I don’t know.  Don’t ask if there’s a chance, because I don’t know. In March, I will be in Brussels Belgium at the Fantasy Festival called Trolls et Légendes on the 29th through the 31st.  I will be in Paris on the 1st of April, but I do not know …if we’re doing public appearances of media only. In the US I will be at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on the 17th of May.  Other US cities will be Houston, TX: Murder by the Book on the 21st, and University Bookstore at UW in Seattle on the 23rd.  We may be adding two more cities.  Information as followed.  I will also be attending the San Diego Comic in July, specific day and time TBA. I will be in the UK/Ireland (?) beginning May 4th and leaving May 12th.  Cities, venues, and times to be announced.  London, obviously, Manchester and Birmingham (likely) others could be anywhere. Lastly, I will be doing two Supernova Expos in Australia, Sydney and Perth, as well as other cities in Australia and New Zealand.   I’ll be in New Zealand on the 19th and 20th of June.  I’ll be at Sydney Supernova on the 22nd and 23rd, then to Brisbane on the 24th, Melbourne on the 25 or 26th, Adelaide on the 28 (TBC), then on to Perth for Supernova on the 29 and 30th. That’s what I have so far. When I get more information I’ll post it.”

Did we say we were excited??

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Lands of Ice and Fire – a look into the world of George R.R. Martin

Today sees the publication of Lands of Ice and Fire. Fans of both the popular HBO (Game of Thrones) series and books will now be able to see maps of the known world in George R.R. Martin’s magnificent creation. The hardback case holds 12 beautiful maps:














If, like us, you love a good map so that you follow the story visually as you read, then this is a must-buy.





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Voyager UK hosts a party at the Tower of London

It’s certainly been a week to remember for HarperVoyager UK. Having the great George R.R. Martin in town means that we have been able to toast his great success and to celebrate all the other fantastic authors and team members that have made Voyager the UK’s number one science fiction and fantasy publisher.

From L-R: Jon Courtney Grimwood, Sam Baker, Abdel Bakrim, George R.R. Martin, and two guests from HBO

Last night was literally the ‘crowning’ event, a party celebrating Voyager held at the infamous White Tower at the Tower of London, with George as the guest of honour. Invitees were treated to a private tour of the crown jewels (we really could have done with the royal punch bowl to fill with 100 bottles of wine) and the armoury, before heading up to the second floor of the White Tower to mingle with our guest of honour and his lovely wife Parris; fellow Voyager authors Stacia Kane, James Smythe and Stephen Hunt; and Game of Thrones cast members John Bradley West and Gethin Anthony.

George R.R. Martin with the two Waterstones competition winners

Voyager publishing director Jane Johnson and deputy publishing director Emma Coode gave a joint speech, with a well-deserved thank you to Laura Mell, publicity maven extraordinaire who organized the event as well as the rest of George’s packed schedule.

Then the rest of the evening was dedicated to champagne, canapés and ogling Henry VIII’s codpiece (who did he think he was kidding?). George, Parris and all the Voyager authors were then whisked away to witness the Ceremony of the Keys – the traditional locking up of the Tower of London, an event that has happened every night, without fail, for 700 years.

And may all our Voyager books last that long!

The tower at night - no tourists to be seen... spooky

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George R.R. Martin interview with Jane Johnson – Part One

Jane: I’ve heard you say that historical fiction and fantasy are “sisters under the skin”. Can you tell me more about what you mean by that?

George: Historical books are a little grittier, which is one of the things I wanted to do when combining the two; to take that sort of gritty realism you find in a historical novel and combine it with the imagination and wonder of Fantasy.

I have thought about writing historical fiction myself, when I interviewed Bernard Cornwell for Harper a few months ago we talked about this.  For me the frustration in writing real historical fiction is that if you know history you know how it comes out. You can write about the actual Wars of the Roses and you know what’s going to happen to those princes in the tower and you know what’s going to happen at the battle of Bosworth Field. With my books I like to keep them a little off balance. Ultimately you don’t know what’s going to happen to the kids in my books or who’s going to live or die or end up with their head on a spike.

But the reading experience can be quite similar. Jane has been reading the Accursed Kings series by the great Maurice Druon – a wonderful series of historical novels.  One of the great things for me when I read them was that I didn’t know a lot of the history. You know, French people may know all of this but for me it wasn’t something that was covered on our history courses, nor presumably, in history courses here. I didn’t know who these people were, even only the most abstract terms, or how this was going to come out. That was a very similar reading experience to a fantasy novel.

Jane: They read incredibly fresh. We’ve just bought the world rights to publish them because they’ve been out of print since the sixties, I think it’s going to be great fun to make them available to people. They read as if they were written yesterday, they’re really sharp and funny, as well.

The brothers Goncourt said: “History is a novel that has been lived…” I think that’s a really good quote but I feel also that with A Game of Thrones, you feel that every character in your books has a life that goes on behind the scenes: they’re not just walking out on stage and playing out what you want them to play out. You do see them as real people. How much of that elaboration do you have in your head before you set out writing your characters?

George: I’m not actually deluded enough to think that they are real people. I know that I’m making them up. It seems obvious but I’ve met some writers over the years that have peculiar views on the subject and seem to think they’re receiving emanations from other dimensions or something. I don’t buy into that but certainly when I’m writing these characters and living with them they achieve enormous reality to me.

You know, many years ago I wrote a short story, a novelette actually, that won the Nebula award called “Portraits of His Children”. It is about a writer and his relationship with his characters. Its sort of a cliché that characters are a writer’s children but there’s a great amount of truth to it. At least for a writer like myself; the characters I have created over the years are a part of me, are a part of my life. They are not me, but they are created by me and are a part of me. The analogy with the children has a certain apt-ness to it.

Jane: Well you’re a cruel father

George: I take after the Romans; they had the whole “paterfamilias” thing going on there. If you were a disappointing son “I’m sorry son you’re disappointing me would you please commit suicide”…“Yes dad I’d be happy to”. We’ve lost some of these traditions over the years.

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George R.R. Martin in conversation with Jane Johnson

Last night at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London, 500 George R.R. Martin fans had the opportunity to listen to the man himself in conversation with his UK editor (and Voyager Publishing Director, and successful author in her own right) Jane Johnson. Tickets were sold through Waterstones Gower Street, who were wonderful hosts for George and Jane, and who delivered a sell-out event.

The scheduled 30-minute conversation overran to just under an hour, but no-one in the audience was complaining – in fact, most tweeters were annoyed that it didn’t go on longer! George opened with two very exciting announcements: that both Game of Thrones the TV series and A Dance with Dragons had been nominated for Hugo Awards (for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form and Best Novel, respectively) and that Game of Thrones has officially been picked up by HBO for a third season.

Then Jane opened with the questioning, beginning with a note on how closely related Fantasy and Historical fiction are – as George said, they are “sisters under the skin” – which gave George the opportunity to expand upon his love of Historical fiction. Any George fan should read his excellent interview with Bernard Cornwell, and he also cites the brilliant French author Maurice Druon (The Accursed Kings) as one of the influences for A Song of Ice and Fire.

Following on were questions concerning how he manages to hold all the character threads and settings and histories of A Song of Ice and Fire in his head while writing (George admits: sometimes at the expense of real-life memories!) and his views on war and why fantasy writers in particular find it such fascinating subject matter. A few questions from Jane’s Twitter feed (Follow her: @JaneJohnsonBakr) caused a few laughs and a bit of consternation from George – like the question about how he manages to write so well from the point of view of a teenage girl! The answer, said the author, comes down to empathy – he’s not a dwarf, a crippled boy or a teenage girl but all of those characters are, at their heart, just people, and that common thread of humanity helps George get into the skin of any person he needs to. Look out for a full transcript of the interview, coming shortly on this blog.

A very successful signing followed, with fans lining up to have their books ‘defaced’ (as George calls it) by one of their idols.

It all went very smoothly and we have it on good authority that George RR Martin loved his time meeting and greeting the UK fans. Voyager would like to extend a special thanks to anyone who came out to the event and contributed to being such a gracious audience – it was a great event and that’s all down to the fans.


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You Win or You Die!

 If, like the rest of us here at Voyager, you are counting down the days till the second Season of Game of Thrones airs in April, we have some links that might keep your occupied. HBO have released a tantalising trailer called ‘You Win or you Die’:

Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer

If you haven’t seen the chilling teaser narrated by Stannis (perfectly cast as the gravelly Stephen Dillane), then look no further! He isn’t too happy that Cersei and Joffrey have usurped his rightful throne.

Stannis Teaser

And if that’s not enough to keep you going, you can get a glimpse of a few more scenes including King’s Landing and the Iron Islands, and some fascinating production insight, in these videos:

Behind the scenes: Croatia

Behind the scenes: Belfast

Finally, you can find a detailed on set diary, updated regularly, with some pretty hilarious posts and videos on costume design and fight choreography:

Our personal favourite, from a post called One Extra to Another:

One extra to another: “I will sword you.”

In the tea tent: “Forget the Baratheons! We must guard the cake. We ARE the chocolate cake guard.”

During a fight: AD: “Can you move to your left?” Soldier: “I can’t. I haven’t got my glasses on.”


April can’t come soon enough!

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Stuck in a reading rut?

Don’t know what to read? Do the shelves of your local bookshops baffle, bamboozle and bafound (like confound but with more ba) you? Well, we, or rather the lovely folk at Locus, are here to help! Check out their 2011 reading list for some book recommendations that you can really sink your teeth into*.

*Note that not all of the books are about vamps.

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A Game of Thrones – the enhanced ebook

If you haven’t heard about or seen this yet then get reading! The enhanced ebook features three new maps, – Westeros, King’s Landing and the Wall – audio content from the audio book read by Roy Dotrice, and hyperlinked character names.

Watch the video:

The Product Page to Download the full version is here: