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The Winds of Winter

Unfortunately we don’t have a publication date for you yet (we’ll let you know as soon as it’s confirmed!), but we do have the first chapter of The Winds of Winter, the next instalment in George R R Martin’s epic series, A Song of Ice and Fire, to share with you.

Download the PDF here.

This chapter originally appeared on George’s website but we have made it available to you in a PDF format to send to your eReader.


*Please note: this text is not final and may change between now and the publication of the finished book.

Haven’t read A Song of Ice and Fire yet? Now’s the perfect time to start…

A Song of Ice and Fire

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An excerpt from The Winds of Winter? Yes please!

The books so far...and now, on George's website, a sample from Book 6, The Winds of Winter!

George R.R. Martin has a special treat for all A Song of Ice and Fire fans… a new excerpt up on his website from The Winds of Winter! I’m sure that all GRRM-fans will agree that this is the perfect antidote to back-to-work/January blues, and a great way to kick off 2013.

This time, George offers us a tantalizing sample chapter from the point of view of Arianne Martell, Princess of Dorne…

What do you think? And don’t forget, that if that’s not enough to get your GRRM-fix, we have the amazing Lands of Ice and Fire on sale now,  or check out the first book from a series that helped inspire George – The Iron King by Maurice Druon.

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GRRM Loves Bernard Cornwell’s 1356!

1356 by Bernard CornwellBernard Cornwell, a #1 best-selling author, has a new historical fiction novel, 1356, coming out on January 8th–and he’s got some big fans. Like George R. R. Martin, who  interviewed Bernard on Omnivorcaious. Check it out.

If this is piquing your curiosity, never fear; you can go take a look at the 1356 book trailer, or go read excerpts on Facebook, via the Bernard Cornwell fan page.

About the Book:

On September 19, 1356 a severely outnumbered English army faced off against the French at the historic Battle of Poitiers. What ensued was the most decisive and improbable English victory of the Hundred Years’ War: through cunning and courage, English forces managed to overcome a French army nearly twice their size, ultimately capturing not just the strategic site of Poitiers, but the French King John II as well.

In 1356, Bernard Cornwell breathes new life into this ancient battle. His fast-paced prose transports the reader to the frontlines, exhibiting Cornwell’s trademark mix of military strategy and compelling character-driven narrative that have earned him the title of “reigning king of historical fiction” (USA Today). Much like Cornwell’s triumphant 2009 standalone Agincourt, which brought to vivid life one of the final battles of the Hundred Years’ War, 1356 is an underdog story packed with violence, action, and heroism.

Look Who Loves Bernard Cornwell:

“Bernard Cornwell does the best battle scenes of any writer I’ve ever read, past or present.”

-George R.R. Martin

About the Author:

Bernard Cornwell is the author of the acclaimed New York Times bestsellers Agincourt and The Fort; the bestselling Saxon Tales, which include The Last Kingdom, The Pale Horseman, Lords of the North, Sword Song, The Burning Land and, most recently, Death of Kings; and the Richard Sharpe novels, among many others. He lives with his wife on Cape Cod.




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Lands of Ice and Fire – a look into the world of George R.R. Martin

Today sees the publication of Lands of Ice and Fire. Fans of both the popular HBO (Game of Thrones) series and books will now be able to see maps of the known world in George R.R. Martin’s magnificent creation. The hardback case holds 12 beautiful maps:














If, like us, you love a good map so that you follow the story visually as you read, then this is a must-buy.





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George R.R. Martin in conversation with Jane Johnson

Last night at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London, 500 George R.R. Martin fans had the opportunity to listen to the man himself in conversation with his UK editor (and Voyager Publishing Director, and successful author in her own right) Jane Johnson. Tickets were sold through Waterstones Gower Street, who were wonderful hosts for George and Jane, and who delivered a sell-out event.

The scheduled 30-minute conversation overran to just under an hour, but no-one in the audience was complaining – in fact, most tweeters were annoyed that it didn’t go on longer! George opened with two very exciting announcements: that both Game of Thrones the TV series and A Dance with Dragons had been nominated for Hugo Awards (for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form and Best Novel, respectively) and that Game of Thrones has officially been picked up by HBO for a third season.

Then Jane opened with the questioning, beginning with a note on how closely related Fantasy and Historical fiction are – as George said, they are “sisters under the skin” – which gave George the opportunity to expand upon his love of Historical fiction. Any George fan should read his excellent interview with Bernard Cornwell, and he also cites the brilliant French author Maurice Druon (The Accursed Kings) as one of the influences for A Song of Ice and Fire.

Following on were questions concerning how he manages to hold all the character threads and settings and histories of A Song of Ice and Fire in his head while writing (George admits: sometimes at the expense of real-life memories!) and his views on war and why fantasy writers in particular find it such fascinating subject matter. A few questions from Jane’s Twitter feed (Follow her: @JaneJohnsonBakr) caused a few laughs and a bit of consternation from George – like the question about how he manages to write so well from the point of view of a teenage girl! The answer, said the author, comes down to empathy – he’s not a dwarf, a crippled boy or a teenage girl but all of those characters are, at their heart, just people, and that common thread of humanity helps George get into the skin of any person he needs to. Look out for a full transcript of the interview, coming shortly on this blog.

A very successful signing followed, with fans lining up to have their books ‘defaced’ (as George calls it) by one of their idols.

It all went very smoothly and we have it on good authority that George RR Martin loved his time meeting and greeting the UK fans. Voyager would like to extend a special thanks to anyone who came out to the event and contributed to being such a gracious audience – it was a great event and that’s all down to the fans.


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You Win or You Die!

 If, like the rest of us here at Voyager, you are counting down the days till the second Season of Game of Thrones airs in April, we have some links that might keep your occupied. HBO have released a tantalising trailer called ‘You Win or you Die’:

Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer

If you haven’t seen the chilling teaser narrated by Stannis (perfectly cast as the gravelly Stephen Dillane), then look no further! He isn’t too happy that Cersei and Joffrey have usurped his rightful throne.

Stannis Teaser

And if that’s not enough to keep you going, you can get a glimpse of a few more scenes including King’s Landing and the Iron Islands, and some fascinating production insight, in these videos:

Behind the scenes: Croatia

Behind the scenes: Belfast

Finally, you can find a detailed on set diary, updated regularly, with some pretty hilarious posts and videos on costume design and fight choreography:

Our personal favourite, from a post called One Extra to Another:

One extra to another: “I will sword you.”

In the tea tent: “Forget the Baratheons! We must guard the cake. We ARE the chocolate cake guard.”

During a fight: AD: “Can you move to your left?” Soldier: “I can’t. I haven’t got my glasses on.”


April can’t come soon enough!

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Stuck in a reading rut?

Don’t know what to read? Do the shelves of your local bookshops baffle, bamboozle and bafound (like confound but with more ba) you? Well, we, or rather the lovely folk at Locus, are here to help! Check out their 2011 reading list for some book recommendations that you can really sink your teeth into*.

*Note that not all of the books are about vamps.

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A Game of Thrones – the enhanced ebook

If you haven’t heard about or seen this yet then get reading! The enhanced ebook features three new maps, – Westeros, King’s Landing and the Wall – audio content from the audio book read by Roy Dotrice, and hyperlinked character names.

Watch the video:

The Product Page to Download the full version is here: