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SANDMAN SLIM: Guest Post from THE GETAWAY GOD author Richard Kadrey

 Who is Sandman Slim? 

The Sandman Slim series follows the adventures of James Stark after escaping Hell and returning to Los Angeles. Stark is a magician. Not in a Vegas sawing a lady in half way, but in a real life using spells as weapons kind of way. In fact, Stark is one of the best magicians in LA. Why? It’s not all his hard work and study (odds are he’s never finished reading a book in his life). No, it’s his lineage. Stark is a nephilim, a half-human and half-angel. Unfortunately, this also means that he’s despised by Heaven, Hell, and most humans. In some celestial circles, he’s known simply as the Abomination, which is why so many angels would like to see him dead. But that’s easier said than done.

Stark didn’t waste his time in Hell. He was thrown into the arena and discovered he had a real talent for killing things. This comes in handy when he gets back to Earth. Over the course of the first five Sandman Slim books, which cover most of his first year back home, Stark faces off against zombies, Lucifer, Hellion hordes, mad angels, angry ghosts, and Mason Faim, the powerful magician who originally sent him to Hell.

The Getaway God takes place at Christmas, exactly one year since Stark’s trip back to LA. This time, Stark isn’t just fighting monsters but St. Nick, a serial killer with ties to a cult that worships the old gods that ran the universe before the current deity. If that wasn’t bad enough, Stark has to face down old enemies while forging an extremely uneasy alliance with the Golden Vigil, the supernatural investigation arm of Homeland Security. The good news is that Stark has the only weapon in existence that can fight the old gods. The bad news is that he has no idea how to use it. And the one man who does might be more dangerous to Stark than the gods themselves.

Sandman Slim is violent, funny, surreal, and full of bad words. Mixing the hardboiled crime fiction style of writers such as Jim Thompson and Richard Stark with a unique take on fantasy and horror, the series depicts a world that’s a strange as demons who steal cable and as real as a punch in the gut.

-Richard Kadrey, 2014








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Listen to THE GETAWAY GOD playlist, curated by Richard!  

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Watch Kim Harrison’s Pittsburgh tour stop

If you haven’t been able to catch Kim Harrison on tour yet, now is your chance to experience one of her stops! We live-streamed her Pittsburgh, PA Barnes & Noble event on Friday, Feb. 28 but if you missed it we’ve got the whole event on video for you to watch on YouTube. Click here to view it.

Here are the details for the rest of Kim’s book tour for THE UNDEAD POOL.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014–CONNECTICUT

7:30 PM–Book Event & Signing
21 Governor St., Ridgefield, CT 06877

Wednesday, March 05, 2014–BOSTON

6:00 PM–Book Event & Signing
700 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02116

Friday, March 07, 2014–RALEIGH

7:30 PM–Book Event & Signing
3522 Wade Ave., Raleigh, NC 27607

Saturday, March 08, 2014–SOUTH CAROLINA

2:00 PM–Book Event & Signing
164 Forum Dr., Columbia, SC 29229

Monday, March 10, 2014–ATLANTA

6:30 PM–Book Event & Signing
105 E Main St., Woodstock, GA 30188

Tuesday, March 11, 2014–NEW ORLEANS

6:00 PM–Book Event & Signing
2727 Prytania St., New Orleans, LA 70130

Monday, March 17, 2014–MICHIGAN

6:00 PM–End of Tour party
2820 Towne Centre Blvd., Lansing, MI 48912

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Kylie Chan books are the Kindle Daily Deal!

If you’ve ever wanted to get into the Kylie Chan, and you didn’t win our giveaway last week, then this is your lucky day! All six Kylie Chan books in her two Emma Donahoe trilogies are on sale through Kindle’s Daily Deal in science fiction/fantasy. You can get the books for just $1.99 each!

This sale includes all three books from the Dark Heavens trilogy:

as well as the three books comprising the Journey To Wudang trilogy:

Discover these fantastic books by Kylie Chan, where she blends urban fantasy with kung fu, as her heroine Emma Donahoe battles epic danger from demons, vampires, and evil gods.  Publisher’s Weekly calls the series, “Chinese legend with the thrill of a past-paced martial-arts movie.”

Visit now and take advantage of today’s deal!

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Enter to win books from Kylie Chan’s trilogies!

This Friday we’re giving away books from Kylie Chan’s two trilogies with Harper Voyager! We have the Dark Heavens trilogy (WHITE TIGER, RED PHOENIX, BLUE DRAGON) and the Journey To Wudang trilogy (EARTH TO HELL, HELL TO HEAVEN, HEAVEN TO WUDANG). And you have the chance to win one of these!

Discover these fantastic books by Kylie Chan, where she blends urban fantasy with kung fu, as her heroine Emma Donahoe battles epic danger from demons, vampires, and evil gods.  Publisher’s Weekly calls the series, “Chinese legend with the thrill of a past-paced martial-arts movie.”

Enter to win by 6 p.m. EST by leaving a comment below, or by RT us on Twitter – @HarperVoyagerUS! Good luck! Winners will be randomly selected and contacted directly. (Open to U.S. only.)

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Voyager authors up for RT Magazine awards

RT Magazine has announced this year’s Reviewer’s Choice Awards, and two Harper Voyager authors – Kim Harrison and Robin Hobb – have been nominated! The Reviewer’s Choice Awards honor the best books of 2013, and the winners and nominees are selected by the RT Magazine staff of more than 50 reviewers.

Kim Harrison has been nominated for the Urban Fantasy Career Achievement Award for her fabulous work with the Hollows series! This is Kim’s fourth time to be nominated for this career achievement award; two of her books (FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE and DEAD WITCH WALKING have won RT Magazine awards; and two of her books (EVERY WITCH WAY BUT DEAD and A FISTFUL OF CHARMS) were nominated for awards in the past.  Kim is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, and her latest Hollows book EVER AFTER came out in paperback on Oct. 29.

Robin Hobb has been nominated for the 2013 Epic Fantasy Novel for BLOOD OF DRAGONS, book four of her Rain Wild Chronicles series. RT Magazine says in its review of the book, “The rich drawing of characters is fabulous and never does it seem incongruous.” This is Robin’s second Reviewer’s Choice award nomination. BLOOD OF DRAGONS is the final volume of the Rain Wild Chronicles, and is available in hardcover now.

Congratulations to both Kim and Robin for their nominations!

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You can win an advanced copy of DEAD SET!

Richard Kadrey’s newest stand-alone novel, DEAD SET, comes out on Oct. 29. But TEN lucky winners of this week’s Friday giveaway will win an advanced reader’s copy of this fabulous dark fantasy!

After her father’s funeral, Zoe moved to the big city with her mother to start over. But change always brings trials, and life in the city is not so easy. Money is tight, and Zoe’s only escape, as has always been the case, is in her dreams–a world apart from her troubled real life where she can spend time with her closest companion: her lost brother, Valentine.

But something or someone has entered their dreamworld uninvited. And a chance encounter at a used record store, where the vinyl holds not music but lost souls, has opened up a portal to the world of the restless dead. It’s here that the shop’s strange proprietor offers Zoe the chance to commune with her dead father. The price? A lock of hair. Then a tooth. Then . . .

Also included in the prize are: a DEAD SET coaster that looks like a record from the shop Zoe visits, as well as a book plate signed by Richard!

Enter to win by 6 p.m. EST by commenting below, or RT us on Twitter - @HarperVoyagerUS! Good luck! (Open to U.S. only) 

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New release: KILL CITY BLUES out today!

Richard Kadrey’s fifth installment of the Sandman Slim series, KILL CITY BLUES, publishes today!

James Stark, aka Sandman Slim, has managed to get out of Hell, renounce his title as the new Lucifer, and settle back into life in L.A. But he also lost the Qomrama Om Ya, an all-powerful weapon from the banished older gods. Older gods who are returning and searching for their lost power.

The hunt leads Stark to an abandoned shopping mall—a global shopping paradise infested with Lurkers and wretched bottom-feeding Sub Rosa families, squatters who have formed tight tribes to guard their tiny patches of retail wasteland. Somewhere in this kill zone is a dead man with the answers Stark needs. All Stark has to do is find the dead man, recover the artifact, and outwit and outrun the angry old gods—and natural-born killers—on his tail. But not even Sandman Slim is infallible, and any mistakes will cost him dearly.

Read an extended excerpt from the book!

Get your copy of KILL CITY BLUES now: Amazon | B&N | Indiebound | BAM

Richard is touring–full schedule here.

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Out now, Jocelynn Drake's DEAD MAN'S DEAL

Pubbing today, DEAD MAN’S DEAL is the second Asylum Tales from Jocelynn Drake!

In a gritty urban fantasy world where elves, faeries, trolls, werewolves, and vampires swim free in a sea of humanity, sometimes you need an edge. Looking for a little love? Need some luck? Desperate for revenge? Gage can give you what you need. The most talented tattoo artist in town (and a wizard in hiding), he knows the right symbol and the right mix of ingredients and ink to achieve your heart’s desire. One tattoo is all it takes. But remember, everything has its price.

The wizards know Gage is using forbidden magic, and they intend to punish him for his  transgressions. Too bad if entire cities get in the way. They will stop at nothing to quell a nascent magical uprising and Gage will be the sacrifice they need…. if they can find him.

In Michigan? Jocelynn will be signing Thursday night (5/9) at 7:00pm:

Schuler’s Books and Music

1982 Grand River Ave Okemos, MI 48864


Praise for the Asylum Tales:

“Gritty, authentic and fast-paced! This urban fantasy series rocks!” — J.R. Ward

“A lot of fun, with a whole new take on the dark urban fantasy. Bright and breezy, with fascinating characters, and a background with hidden depths. Drake puts the ink in incredible.” — Simon R. Green

“An other-earthly blend of magic and technology in the best tradition of urban fantasy that refused to let me go. The continuing Asylum Tales promise to be intriguing and wildly inventive.” — Kim Harrison

“Jocelynn is amazing at fleshing out plots, subplots and characters.” — USA Today

“Expert storyteller Drake invites readers to join her in a spirited and spellbinding new series…. The author does a great job of introducing her mesmerizing new world and then filling it with a truly compelling cast of characters. She is on track to deliver another outstanding and inventive series.” — Romantic Times BOOKclub


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$.99 Jocelynn Drake E-Book Sale

Catch up on the Asylum series before the latest book comes out (Dead Man’s Dealout May 7, 2013) and read the whole Dark Days series at just $.99 a book! Get them all before they go back to regular price…


The Asylum Interviews: Bronx 

The first of two prequel stories to Jocelynn Drake’s Angel’s Ink. It’s not easy being a tattoo artist and a wizard, especially when you’re in hiding. Or when a botched ink job has amplified an incubus’s existing sex appeal into one that could wreck the whole town. And your only help is a troll.

Amazon Kindle
B&N Nook
iTunes Kobo

The Asylum Interviews: Trixie 

The second of two prequel stories to Jocelynn Drake’s Angel’s Ink—the first novel in her new Asylum Tales series about a magical tattoo artist, Gage, and his friends: Trixie, a gorgeous elf who hides her true identity, and a hulking troll named Bronx. 

Amazon Kindle
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Blood by Moonlight: A Halloween themed anthology featuring Jocelynn Drake’s novella Of Monsters and Men

Amazon Kindle
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Bound to Me: A prequel novella for the Dark Days Series

Travel back into Mira’s distant past to see the great love affair that shaped her.

Amazon Kindle
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Nightwalker: Day Days Book 1 

For centuries Mira has been a nightwalker—an unstoppable enforcer for a mysterious organization that manipulates earth-shaking events from the darkest shadows. But elemental mastery over fire sets her apart from others of her night-prowling breed . . . and may be all that prevents her doom.

Amazon Kindle
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Dayhunter: Dark Days Book 2

Amazon Kindle
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Dawnbreaker: Dark Days Book 3

Amazon Kindle
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Pray for Dawn: Dark Days Book 4

Amazon Kindle
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Wait for Dusk: Dark Days Book 5

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Burn the Night: Dark Days Book 6 (Final Book)

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The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten: A Dark Days Novella

A nightwalker is slain, and suspicion falls on Mira—Fire Starter—the last hope of her immortal race.

Amazon Kindle
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iTunes Kobo


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Urban Fantasy 101

Book 1 of The HollowsHere in NYC, we’re trying to avoid being snowed in for too long, so that means gathering up all the supplies one needs in order to successfully weather a snow storm: snack, blankets…and BOOKS! Thankfully, Heroes & Heartbreakers has made reading selections a little easier on us with this list Urban Fantasy must-reads. Naturally, we’re glad to see Kim Harrison‘s Dead Witch Walking on there, as well as Jeaniene Frost‘s Halfway to the Grave. What are some of your favorite UF reads?

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EVER AFTER out now!

EVER AFTER by Kim Harrison It’s here! EVER AFTER is out today–Congratulations Kim! Finally you can read the 11th novel in the New York Times bestselling Hollows series (and find out what’s happening to the demonic ever-after, what Ku’Sox has up his sleeve, and see what is going on between Rachel and the ever-intriguing Trent Kalamack.)

Kim is touring for the next two weeks too–her full tour schedule and information on signings is here.

Can’t make a signing? We’re livestreaming her University Bookstore signing in Seattle tomorrow, 1/23/12, at 7pm PST.

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HIDDEN THINGS on sale today! Intro from Author & Excerpt!

Doyce Testerman on HIDDEN THINGS:

As with most reckless undertakings in my life, Hidden Things was born out of a dare.

My friends and I were sitting around discussing our favorite books, and one of them (De Knippling) commented: “It really sucks that there’s no weird, magical, fantasy stuff set in the Midwest.”

I, secure in my role as the snarky South Dakota expat, replied: “That’s because nothing magical happens in the Midwest.” I paused. “Ever.”

“And that,” De countered, “is your fault.”

I coughed on the soda I’d been drinking. “Really.”

“Yup.” She pointed at me. “Fixing that needs to be your next book.”

“But –”

“And write a female lead this time,” said the-friend-who-would-always-rather-read-female-leads.

“But – ”

“And make her a private detective!” called out the-friend-who-likes-mysteries from the kitchen.

“But –”

“I dare you,” De finished.

And thus, my fate was sealed, Calliope Jenkins was born, and her feet were set on a path that neither of us knew very much about, except its eventual, inevitable destination.

What Do You Do When There’s No Place to Hide?

“Nothing magical ever happens in the Midwest,” Calliope reminded me, her voice as sure and dismissive as mine had been.

But she’s wrong. Very, very wrong, as it turns out. In the first few pages of the story, we see Calliope’s best friend killed by what can only be described as a monster — a twisted Thing with a child’s name. The next morning, someone finds the body. A few hours later, that same friend leaves a message on Calliope’s phone, asking for help, and off we go.

I never thought of Hidden Things as urban fantasy (which is the way it often characterized) because ‘urban’ doesn’t really come into it very much, and it didn’t seem to have any of the trappings I typically associated with the genre. Vampires, sexy or otherwise, were nowhere to be seen; neither were werewolves. Ditto Chosen Ones, surly street wizards, or talking animal companions. There is magic, to be sure, but no spellbooks. Tattoos don’t factor in any significant way, and everyone’s is hair a reasonable, manageable length, and generally the right color. My inspirations came from other areas: Hammet’s stories of Sam Spade and Continental Op gave me a frame of reference for early parts of the story, and the style and pacing of pulp science fiction and fantasy writers like Roger Zelazny have imprinted themselves on me so deeply I probably have Doorways in the Sand encoded somewhere in my DNA. Neil Gaiman’s light touch with the supernatural is something I’ve always love, as well as Stephen King’s gift for characterization.

And, of course, the greatest influence of all — that big stretch of open county and enormous sky where I grew up. There’s a kind of magic there, that much is certain: there’s a magic of extremes, where it can freeze you like the sub-artic in the winter, drown you in Spring, and kill you with heatstroke in the summer. (Fall is actually kind of nice. All two weeks of it. We’ll leave Fall alone.) There’s a magic of stories, too: it’s a lonely country, and the people that live there — from the tribes who first wandered from river to river, to those who came later, decided to stay, and actually survived long enough to make families — they tell stories like they’re sharing food with those that need it.

“The sort of Hidden Things that live in a place like that,” a stranger tells Calliope, “are probably the toughest, smartest Things of all.”

Turns out, he’s right.

*For more fun and games visit Doyce at

Critics are loving HIDDEN THINGS!

Reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s dark fantasies and the early books of Stephen King,” — Library Journal

“I loved this book from start to finish. It’s strange, weird and down to earth, all at the same time; chock full of fascinating characters, dark dreams and fantasy elements that deliver a real sense of wonder. What’s not to love?” — Charles de Lint

“Along with the clever, determined, dauntless protagonist, Testerman brings an impressive dark energy to the scenario and plotting . . . Agreeably creepy, with original flourishes and flashes of dark humor.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A satisfying blend of noir and magic.” — Publishers Weekly

“Hidden Things reveals the America I want to believe in–dragons on highways, trolls in the hills, motels that lead to new dimensions. I’ll never look at a rest stop the same way again.” — Maureen Johnson, author of The Name of the Star

“Testerman tells a story of a secret world that is sad, sweet, funny, and more than a little twisted. This world of wizened wizard-men and demon clowns will lure you into the shadows, and once you meet the characters who live in those dark strange places you’ll never want to leave. The magic matters here, but it’s the human touch that really brings the book to life.” — Chuck Wendig, author of Blackbirds and Irregular Creatures
Hidden Things Excerpt